Three EVO Induction Upgrades from Wilson Manifolds

Written by Moore Good Ink

Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Wilson Manifolds has recently announced three stages of ported cast aluminum intake upgrades and a new, trick, high-flow D-Shaped fuel rail for the Mitsubishi EVO.

Using a factory cast intake manifold, Wilson provides a mild street stage and two full-race stages—one designed for 8,000 rpm the other 9,500 rpm.

Providing perfect OEM fitment, reliability, and maintaining factory emission controls on all EVO8s and 9s, Wilson employs the same custom-ported intake techniques as used on several record-setting EVOs, including the Wilson Manifolds’ 2006 EVO IX. On the two fully ported race versions, the mid- and top-end horsepower gains are exceptionally strong. Compared to stock, the rpm of the street version are substantially increased.

These new kits, which fit the EVO engine type 4G63, accommodate the stock or modified stock throttle bodies as well as Wilson’s latest D-shaped fuel rails, which include stands and fittings to secure stock fuel lines. Wilson also provides an adaptor to accept their 65mm high-flow throttle body (#471065).

Here below are the part numbers, descriptions, and prices:

Part Number




Race Ported EVO intake for 4G63 engine to 9500 RPM

$ 939.00 *


Race Ported EVO intake for 4G63 engine to 8000 RPM

$ 939.00 *


Street Mild ported EVO intake for 4G63 engine

$ 510.00 *


High Flow EVO fuel rail w/ stanchions and fittings

$ 179.90


Throttle body adapter for #471065 65mm t-body

$ 62.00

*requires a core or alternatively a core charge of $250.00

Manifolds are available for immediate delivery and fuel rails and adapters will be available soon.

For further information contact:

Wilson Manifolds, 4700 NE 11th Avenue,

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

Telephone (954) 771-6216 or Fax (954) 771-3413 or visit Wilson Manifolds’ website

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