By Martha Maglone:

Brenda Cox has a gift for drag racing.

In Bracket and Index events in 2017, she won two NMCA races back-to-back at the Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, California, and conspicuously repeated the double triumph by winning the LS Fest West in Las Vegas in 2017, the inaugural event, and again in 2018.

Performing two passes at 12.25sec and another at 12.26, she recorded the most consistent series of runs of the entire event. She also won Best Package in the Three Pedals Rumble LSX class. An index contest co-sponsored by TorqStorm, she claimed ownership of one of the Michigan firm’s finest supercharger kits as well as winning the title, trophy and prize money.

The best package, which applied to the first round of competition, refers to the driver’s Reaction Time and deviation from Dial-in. “You add your reaction time,” she explains, “to the amount you ran over on your dial-in. Well, I was .045 over on my dial-in, and when you add that amount to the reaction time (.174), my total package was .219.”

BrendaCox-CarBrenda, from Victorville, California, has been participating in the sport for the past 12 years. She purchased a new GTO in 2005 and began racing it the following year. “A friend invited me to an event at Fontana and I was hooked!”

“I love my racing—I was thrilled by the way things turned out in Las Vegas,” she said. But winning successive events is quite the achievement. So, how did she manage it? “My level of concentration at the lights has probably been my greatest strength,” she replied.  On her last round, she scored a 0.068 light, which doubtless decided the race in her favor. Yet for all her competitiveness, she seems a paragon of good sportsmanship—open, sincere, authentic—just as Sportsman racers often are.

Success breeds success and now energized by her growing LS Fest reputation, she’s considering attending the LS Fest East in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in September, where TorqStorm will again donate a new centrifugal supercharger kit to the winner with the Best Package in the first round of the Three Pedals Rumble Index Class.

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