Blaring exhausts make hooligans of all.
By Freddie Heaney
Images by Moore Good Ink

MustangIn all likelihood every U.S. road race track has received reams of complaints about excessive noise. Two years ago in England, Mallory Park’s very existence was threatened by the blight. It is the most malignant force currently facing our racetracks and the new spirit of our age, Track Days, has exacerbated it.

When we were young, acquiring a noisy muffler was a priority. We were 19 and needed to be noticed urgently—what was wrong with that? The smart ones among us, though, knew that the way to speed was via stealth.

Of course racers don’t have a monopoly on noise. Just attend any rock concert and the middle-aged will be standing there with ear plugs forced firmly in place. Even a half-wit observing this strange custom would sense the absurdity of it all. And more significantly still, most complainants, like those residents of every village surrounding Mallory Park, have no desire to see their local circuits closed. They just ask the enthusiasts to enjoy themselves while showing a little more consideration for others.


V&B’s new systems comply with noise regulations and ease concerns.

The amiable answer

To this end V&B provides a solution. They understand noise requirements and they know how to meet them with lightweight, finely crafted mufflers. These new silencing systems feature inner bulkheads and other devices that can be quickly adapted to suppress noise to the levels required.

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