The art of the car

The art of the car

By Vic Moore:

Revisiting vivid images from the past is natural as we grow older. The chance to relish again those illustrations from earlier times is tempting; their spectacular visual portraits from boyhood remind us of their ancient marketing triumphs.

It’s a study in automotive imagery and elegant luxury. Their commercial prominence of the day reflects the culture they promoted, which highlights vast differences compared with today—particularly in their apparel.

Recently, I visited our local home center on one of those hot end-of-summer afternoons. I’d been toiling in the heat for hours and as I advanced toward the entrance suddenly became aware of my disheveled appearance. Though mildly ashamed, I continued into the air conditioned sanctuary and… no one noticed, for we all looked the same. Wonder if standards are slipping!



4 R








ES0655 D


In their heyday of the 50s and 60s artists captured the imagination of the public with wonderful illustrations in many print publications. To preview or purchase any of these nostalgic images.

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  1. I really enjoy seeing these illustrations from the past.
    Thanks for bringing them to us.


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