Canted valve Windsor Head: Ahead of of its time?

Jon Kaase’s P38 Canted-valve Windsor Cylinder Heads Aim For Better Cylinder Filling Text by Ro McGonegal Photography by Moore Good Ink Jon Kaase keeps his eyes peeled. Over the years, the engine builder has seen an endless string of improvements and aftermarket components visited upon the Windsor 302 but... read more

How to Make Key Adjustments to a Drag Racing Clutch

Text by Sam Logan: When we first take an interest in drag racing we soon realize that nothing in its mechanical history is more absorbing than the racing clutch and its operation. Multi-disc drag racing clutches are constructed in four or five different diameters. They range mainly from 6.25in... read more

Handy tuning tips for modular carburetors

Part 1 of 2 By Sam Logan Engines produce vacuum and over the past 120 years engineers have contrived ingenious ways to harness its power to the engine’s induction system. Through a labyrinth of small-bore drillings in the carburetor, the vacuum draws a potent mixture of air and fuel.... read more

Street Demon: An interview with its designer

by Sam Logan   In mid-January 2012, the new 625 Street Demon carburetor was debuted in Los Angeles, California during the MPMC media-manufacturers conference. Designed to suit a large variety of stock to mildly tuned engines of up to 450 horsepower, the Street Demon cuts an elegant figure and... read more