The curse of the round wire lock

By Bertie Scott Brown, January 28, 2015   When a round wire lock, the spring-loaded device that retains the piston pin within the pin towers, comes out while the engine is racing, it releases a fanatical frenzy, a chain of events that most engine builders describe as catastrophic. It... read more

Nitrous: the race tuner’s biggest challenge

By Fergus Ogilvy, February 4, 2015 Starting a competition piston company in the second decade of this century could be a bleak proposition. Finding new customers isn’t easy. Engine builders have a stubborn tendency to remain faithful to their existing suppliers, unless something goes awry. You could play the... read more

Hydraulic release bearings: operating with the correct gap.

By Alfie Bilk, December 5, 2014 Unlike OEM clutch release bearing mechanisms that operate in constant contact with the clutch diaphragm fingers, high-performance aftermarket release bearings function only when the clutch pedal is depressed. Typically, these release bearings operate with 0.800in of potential travel. But more importantly they must be... read more

Key changes in high-performance diesel pistons

Written by Alfie Bilk September 8, 2014 Mentor, Ohio: Wiseco, the eminent high-performance piston maker established in 1941, is launching a new range of diesel pistons for Dodge Cummins, GM Duramax and Ford Power Stroke engines. Using technology that should make a significant impact in the diesel performance world,... read more

How a clever pump design saves 4 to 6hp

Tumultuous change? Maybe not but KRC has uncovered significant power losses with unique new test equipment By Freddie Heaney, August 1, 2014, Photography Moore Good Ink Kennesaw, GA: Recently, Chant, the engineering authority in electronic-hydraulic control systems, delivered new testing equipment to KRC, the engine pulley and power steering... read more

First off-the-shelf asymmetrical pistons for LS high-performance engines:

By: Sam Logan Particularly effective on forced induction and longer stroke models JE, our largest indigenous racing piston maker, brought a fresh new presence to asymmetrical forged pistons when they began investigating their potential in race engines, particularly high performance forced-induction engines. As you’d expect piston side loads increase... read more

Six helpful tips on four-barrel carburetor tuning

1.) How do I select the right size of carburetor?  Carburetor performance is largely based on the air-speed traveling though its venturis. If they are too big the air speed will be reduced, too small and vice-versa. Probably the best instruction on carburetor choice is found in the Demon... read more

Competition Connecting Rods – Only the Strong Survive.

By Sam Logan: Nothing undermines the legitimacy of a connecting rod maker more than a deficient batch of rods. He agonizes constantly about heat treatments, high revs, heavy pistons, heavy pins, the number of race laps between rebuilds, but probably most of all whether or not nitrous is being... read more