Putting the Squeeze on

The Importance of Compression Ratios and How to Measure Them: Since race pistons in domestic V-8 engines move up and down in excess of 100 times per second, replacing them is a normal part of a racer’s routine. NHRA Top Fuel and Funny car teams replace them after every... read more

2015 Mustang upgrade: the trouble with supercharging

By Sam Logan: Adrian Gomez, an industrious 27-year old who manages Mak Performance, a Miami specialty shop established in 1995, bought a 2015 Mustang 5.0 and with fewer than 7,000 miles on the clock installed a Pro Charger centrifugal supercharger. It extended the Mustang’s power output at the rear... read more

Basic installation rules from TorqStorm

By Alfie Bilk: Basic forced-induction guidelines (6-10psi boost range) for carbureted systems Forged pistons preferred for all boosted applications Cast or Hypereutectic pistons may be used below 500hp and low-boost applications Compression ratios of 9:1 to 9:5.1 ideal for boost levels of 6-8 psi on 91-93 octane pump gas... read more

Ovality and other guarded racing piston shapes

By Titus Bloom: Gibtec, makers of custom billet competition pistons reveals… Below their ring lands, pistons are neither round nor do they have parallel sides. Instead they have a larger diameter towards the bottom, between the base of the piston and the piston pin hole. They become progressively smaller... read more

Impressive diesel gains: 2.1lb weight-saving per cylinder

Irvine, CA: At CP-Carrillo, two hybrid combinations are in the final stages of testing. One is designated for the common rail 5.9 liter Cummins using a Duramax pin size and compression height with a rod length of 0.856in longer than stock. The other combo is developed for the 6.6... read more

Cure for uncomfortably high clutch pedal on late-model street cars

By Sam Logan: Most late-model street vehicles use an internal hydraulic clutch release bearing, sometimes called a concentric slave cylinder (CSC). Yet, unfathomably, many of them suffer from clutch engagement high on the pedal travel. For most drivers, this is not comfortable. Conveniently, Ram Clutches has introduced a pedal-height... read more

CP-Carrillo: X-style pistons for power-adder engines

Irvine, CA: CP-Carrillo is introducing a new X-Style series of pistons for power-adder engines. Available for Top Alcohol Hemi applications with plus or minus 4.467in bores and Hemi canted valve for Pro Mod with plus-or-minus 5.000in bores, these pistons include several advanced features including the ability to run narrower rods... read more