Hammerhead Hemi peaks 928hp: 427ci SB Ford

By Freddie Heaney: The sound of the dyno approaching 8,000rpm was almost ear splitting. It was the first Friday of June and sitting in an open wooden-framed space at Charlie Pepper’s engine shop in Auburn, near Atlanta, Greg Brown’s innovative Hemi heads on a Man O’ War 427ci small-block... read more

Comparison: Testing a TorqStorm

But the best part was the TorqStorm’s ability to generate 400lb ft torque at 2000rpm; its rival reached 400lb ft at 2500rpm. At 3000rpm the ‘Storm generated 484lb ft compared to the Vortech at 436.

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Unique buttons: piston pin retention designs for Pro Mod and big turbos

By Freddie Heaney: Denver Colorado: Gibtec Pistons has announced unique piston pin retention buttons. Their latest design for Pro Mod and big turbo racing engines incorporate a radial locking feature. The advent of the piston button and its subsequent popularity came about because of the convenience it offers. Changing pistons... read more

The anatomy of the supercharger or what makes it tick

By Titus Bloom: Superchargers are magical devices. They increase the oxygen supply to the engine by compressing the air, thus increasing its density. Accordingly, the engine burns more air-fuel mixture and produces more power. In a centrifugal supercharger, the air is propelled through the compressor wheel and compressed in the... read more

Mistakes that weaken a supercharger’s performance

Bertie S. Brown: Though they don’t cater to the Corvette market or late-model Ford Mustangs—none from 1994 to present due to congested engine bays—TorqStorm Superchargers’s product manager, Rick Lewis, has dealt with hundreds of incoming queries in the first decade of the firm’s history. Here are five of the... read more

Harmonic balancers: Free advice on selecting them

By Archie Bosman:  It’s easy to underestimate the cost of a deficient harmonic balancer. But they can have a profound effect on the fortunes of the able race engine—a natural enemy of crank and bearings. With the engine running, camshafts and crankshafts vibrate torsionally (in twist) and, as the... read more

How steering columns relate to ergonomics:

Making hot rods a pleasure to live with. By Ben Mozart: If you aspire to own or build a great hot rod, especially a street rod, never take the positioning of a steering column for granted. Variations in cockpit and seat dimensions, particularly seat height, as well as steering... read more

Competition piston rings and what the OEMs taught us

By Sam Logan:   In our racing world we tend to think of ourselves as the elite corps. But in pistons and more particularly piston ring design, it is not our racing brains that are the driving force but those of the Original Equipment Manufacturers. It would be a... read more

Tough NMRA classes beg the question: What is a good clutch?

By Fergus Ogilvy:   There are several schools of thought on the question of what constitutes a good clutch. But first there are two separate strands to this narrative that need to be addressed: street or track. It’s key to distinguish whether the car will be used mostly for... read more