Written by Moore Good Ink

Boone, Iowa: Kevin Stoa is enjoying another excellent year in IMCA’s Modified division. By winning Friday’s Fast Shaft All-Star Invitational race at Boone Speedway, Stoa acquired IMCA Triple Crown status—a remarkable achievement.


The Triple Crown consists of IMCA’s Super Nationals, which he won in 2000 and again in 2008, the Harris Auto Racing Race of Champions in 2005, and now the Fast Shaft All-Star Invitational race.


“It’s always a wonderful thing to win a race at Boone because you run against very, very tough competition,” Stoa said.  


Minnesota born and bred, Stoa lives in Salisbury, NC, but plans to return to his homeland around Christmas to develop his new race engine-building business. Stoa, renowned for his preparation and his thoroughness, has for years been a strong advocate of World Products, running their blocks, heads, and intake manifolds. His engine customer, Cale Sponsler, also a World Products runner, deserved the Drama Award at this year’s Super Nationals by racing hard in the heats and in the A-features and qualifying, flipping the car in the finals, and still finishing fifth in this year’s most prestigious IMCA event!