By Archie Bosman:

Did you know most hydraulic racing and high-performance power steering pumps are rebuilt street car pumps and that electric steering is regarded as the single worst attribute of the modern road-going car? Lack of consistent feel and listlessness on-center are its common criticisms. When Porsche was asked why they use such an abomination, their sources reported that its advantage is fuel saving—a free tank of fuel every 40,000 miles. Maybe so, but would anyone care?

Thankfully, KRC the Kennesaw, Georgia, power steering specialist, didn’t pretend to be treading virgin territory in  earlier times, but now they probably stand alone. Le Mans 24-hour endurance race winners and NASCAR teams are among their highest profile proponents.

What is new, though, is their Elite series power steering pump. Based on their Pro Series III, the Elite shares many of its best properties, including 9 flow adjustments that allow drivers to adapt steering feel to their preference. Also, the Elite features sealed bearings—an upgrade from the standard bushings found in competing power steering pumps. But most important is its price:

esptank-7702PN# ESP 10096000 Elite Series Pump $299.98

PN# ESP 10096100 Elite Series Pump with bolt-on aluminum tank $399.98

Considering a Pro Series III or the new Elite Series? Click here for a list of the features of each.

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