Special Sunday Race Award: TorqStorm donates supercharger to NMCA True Street participant with best package.

Special Sunday Race Award: TorqStorm donates supercharger to NMCA True Street participant with best package.

The racer with the best package during the first round of Sunday’s Aug 30 True Street event at US131 Motorsports Park wins a TorqStorm single system centrifugal supercharger valued at $2,800.

Best package refers to the driver’s reaction time and deviation from dial-in during the first round. It’s the difference of the reaction time and dial-in when added together. For example, if a contestant dials a 12:00sec and runs 12:01sec and cuts a 0.05sec light, the package is 0.06.

To provide all contestants the chance of winning, this campaign is scheduled for the first round. Activating a red light or committing a break-out signifies automatic disqualification. Choice of supercharger applies to any TorqStorm production model, which can be transferred to another person (sold or gifted) as desired.

For race registration click here. And to learn how to receive a 50% reduction in race entry fees click here.

 TorqStorm’s small-block Mopar kit on left and first generation Pontiac on right.

TorqStorm single supercharger systems represent the simplicity of adding power to most domestic V8 engines, delivering 750-plus hp with supporting modifications. Also, the systems offer easy installations, working around most factory crank-driven accessories and facilitating low hood clearances. Contributing substantial power output and longevity, these single systems are compatible with most engine compartment designs, including those where space is at a premium.

All TorqStorm supercharger systems feature a limited lifetime warranty. Made in their Michigan facility, the designs incorporate billet supercharger cases, billet compressor wheels, and ¾-inch aluminum mounting brackets. In addition, they provide a self-contained oiling arrangement with 10,000-mile service intervals and proprietary ceramic ball bearings incorporated with a straight-cut gear set. CNC-machined aluminum pulleys accommodate 8-rib serpentine drive belts, and the systems are completed with self-adjusting belt tensioners, high-quality stainless-steel mounting hardware and 52mm TorqStorm blow-off valve. They have the ability to work with carbureted, TBI and MPFI systems. Carb hats are provided to specific applications.

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