Written by Moore Good Ink
Columbia, SC: Diaphragm type twin-disc clutch assemblies are vested with either “stands” or “straps” that secure the floater plate to the flywheel in relation to the sprung top clutch disc and the solid-hub bottom disc.

The issue with the stand arrangement is noise. The floater has a millimeter or two to move about on its (six) stands as the car is at idle with the clutch pedal depressed or when it is released to move the vehicle. Though not a concern with a racing application, it becomes an itch that can’t be scratched in a street-driven LS1, 2, 3, 6 or 7 or a Ford Modular 4.6L or 5.4L.

The RAM Force 10.5 incorporates an upper or “curved” strap that is the load-bearing strap for the pressure ring. The lower straight strap is the load-bearing strap for the floater (see accompanying close-up image). Both upper and lower straps are made of spring steel. This companion device totally eliminates the noise associated with stands.

Force 10.5 units use Ram’s 300-series steel-backed friction discs that feature an eight-spring hub assembly with urethane encapsulated springs for added durability as well as a marcel spring (a thin, wavy device) that helps eliminate the “go-or-no-go” tendency that accompanies most dual-disc clutches. A billet aluminum flywheel rounds out a package that weighs an average of 45 pounds.

All assemblies are 10.5-inch in diameter and are built to factory height dimensions. Original equipment hydraulic clutch systems are static and have no manual adjustment so the clutch and flywheel package must be the same height as the stock equipment. Installed heights are identical to OEM dimensions–no modifications necessary.

All 300-series discs are made from organic material for smooth engagement and are more than sufficient to deal with 900 horsepower. The springs in the disc are urethane-coated and have four times the compression rate as compared to uncoated springs. Clamping force is 2,400 pounds. Both sides of the steel floater plate are surface-ground to the same tolerance. (NOTE: The RAM 900-series discs are made from sintered metal and can hold up to 1,400 horsepower.)

A key feature of RAM aluminum flywheels is the steel insert that has enough mass to draw heat away from the clutch without distortion. RAM uses a 0.250-inch thick inset that is riveted in before the flywheel is surface ground to assure a parallel friction surface with no run-out, and enough material to adequately siphon off the heat while maintaining flatness over time. All RAM billet flywheels are SFI certified.

Identification for these quiet, twin-disc packages are as follows: All LS applications are 1 1/8-26 (PN 80-2100). There are four call-outs for the Ford Modular: 4.6 8-bolt 1 1/16-10 (PN 80-2200), 4.6 8-bolt 1 1/8-26 (PN 80-2220), 4.6 6-bolt 1 1/16-10 (PN 80-2260), and 4.6 6-bolt 1 1/8-26 (PN 80-2265). Price point is approximately $1,400. Units are in stock and ready to ship.

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