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Mooresville, NC Roush Yates Engines is now offering a limited number of used, complete, long-block ex-Nationwide race engines (without carburetor, intake manifold, and headers). With usage between 400 and 800 racing miles and prices starting at $16,000, these race engines should, where regulations permit, represent terrific value to drag racers, vintage road racers, short track oval racers, and boat racers.


Roush Yates-built, these 358cid engines are based on the acclaimed Ford R451 dry-sump racing block and feature a Bryant 8-counterweight crankshaft (a perfectly balanced item and $4,000 when new), top of the line connecting rods, forged pistons, and a Roush Yates-specified roller camshaft with 55mm roller cam bearings. Bore size is 4.150 inches or larger and stroke lengths vary from 3.260 to 3.300 inches depending upon bore size.


The famed Yates D3 aluminum cylinder heads, capped with Roush Yates 2-piece valve covers with oilers, are fully ported and fitted with titanium valves, retainers, and locks; Roush Yates rocker arms; Jesel dog-bone lifters; and thick-wall pushrods.  The sizes of the intake and exhaust valves are 2.150 and 1.650 inches respectively.


At the lower right side of the oil pan there resides a five-stage dry-sump pump; four stages are devoted to scavenging oil from the engine oil pan and lifter valley and one stage is devoted to providing a pressurized supply of oil to the engine.


At the front of the engine, the indispensable Yates belt-drive assembly (introduced by Robert Yates in 1994) is situated, and adjacent to it an ATI crankshaft harmonic balancer, a Stewart EMP water pump, and at the top left a high-output alternator. All pulleys and brackets are provided.


This solid roller cam engine, a derivative of the V8 Windsor Ford, has a compression ratio of around 12:1 and generates approximately 800 horsepower. With a deck height of 9 inches, this Ford Motorsport cast-iron block assembly weighs 430lb., including the bell housing, multi-disc clutch assembly, and the Tri-Lite clutch release mechanism. These engines are designed to operate on Unleaded Sunoco race fuel.


For further information contact:

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261 Rolling Hill Road, Suite 2A, Mooresville, NC 28117

Attn: Don Moore (704) 662-6982 or dmoore@roushyates.com