Written by Moore Good Ink

Columbia, SC: RAM Automotive has extended its Powergrip HD clutch series to include a new high performance kit for 4.6 liter Mustangs, 2001-2004.

Established in 1972 and one of the most knowing of all clutch makers, RAM has designed their new clutch set for properly geared applications of up to 650 horsepower at the wheels, and designated it #98951 HD.

The Kit
This new 11-inch setup includes a cover assembly with clamping load increases in the order of 60%-80% over stock, a clutch plate incorporating the superior Marcel carrier, and a release bearing of RAM’s own design, sealed and with a hardened face.

The Clutch Plate
To provide aggressive street/strip performance yet agreeable drivability, Ram combined their 900 series organic friction material, similar to that used on high horsepower drag racing applications, with eight urethane-encapsulated springs in the 11-spline clutch hub.  To overcome chatter troubles, the clutch disc incorporates a Marcel carrier as opposed to the paddle-style clutch disc.

The Marcel Feature
To cushion engagement, sixteen metallic pads (eight per side) are riveted to the Marcel carrier.  The Marcel carrier has a slight spring wave measuring approximately .020 inches. As the clutch is engaged on take-off, the Marcel compresses and reduces the potential for chatter and the effects of aggressive engagement, unlike similar clutch material used on a flat carrier without the Marcel wave.

The Clutch Hub
Stock hubs usually feature five or six compression springs in contrast to RAM’s eight, which are urethane coated. Compared to the stock style, the RAM combination contributes approximately four times greater resistance to compression loadings.  The cost of this new Powergrip HD Mustang kit is $499.

Finally, for those with clutch-trouble questions, RAM is always happy to provide the best technical advice, and it’s free.  With regard to deliveries, their top 100 part numbers are dispatched same day (if contacted before noon).  Three to five days secure most out-of-stock items.

For further information contact:
RAM Automotive Company
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