How the 2010 Camaro and other LS-powered vehicles can transmit tons of grunt without chatter

Written by Moore Good Ink

Columbia, SC: RAM Clutches has announced a new 10.5-inch twin-plate high-performance clutch and flywheel assembly for the 2010 Camaro and other LS–powered vehicles. It’s called the Direct Fit Street Dual.

With capacity to control up to 1,000 rear-wheel horsepower, this new clutch system comprises an aluminum flywheel with a replaceable shrink-fitted starter gear ring, a diaphragm cover assembly with 2,400 lb clamping pressure, and two clutch plates lined with either organic or ceramic friction materials.

The organic material is of Ram’s 300 series—a proprietary mix that delivers superior clamping power, excellent drivability, and the absence of chatter on engagement. The ceramic alternative has a higher co-efficient of friction—it requires greater loadings to cause slippage; therefore, it maintains holding power while operating at higher temperatures. Ceramic friction material is often selected when strip use exceeds street use.

To contend with the greater rotational forces, both friction materials are sandwiched between metal backing collars and riveted metal-to-metal, unlike the original equipment. To combat harsh street-strip use, eight clutch springs are employed. These springs are not only stiffer but also encapsulated in urethane to further increase their compression rate. The part number for Ram’s organic-style LS clutch assembly is 90-2100 while 90-2100N identifies the ceramic alternative.

For strength, Ram employs a nodular iron pressure ring in their cover assembly while carefully maintaining the overall height of this twin-disc flywheel assembly for easy installation.

The lightweight aluminum flywheel is SFI certified, and is produced entirely at the company’s Columbia, SC factory. To dissipate heat and prevent warping, it possesses a ¼-inch thick steel friction insert. To ensure the flywheel assembly is perfectly flat, it is surface-ground and made parallel to the crankshaft flange surface. The unit is dynamically balanced to ½ ounce-inch. By shedding 10-12 lb. the reduced rotating mass and moment of inertia improves engine response and acceleration significantly.

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