Written by Moore Good Ink

Oval Track Clutch, Ram Clutch• Ram signs on as 2013 IMCA sponsor
• Introduces new 10.5in single-disc clutch combinations
• Encourages mixing and matching, making them eligible for virtually any Stock Rule class
• Available as single components or in convenient complete packages

Columbia SC: Ram, who has signed on as 2013 IMCA sponsor, introduced new combinations of their 10.5in single-disc racing clutches. These make available a selection of components that virtually guarantee their eligibility for any “stock rule” class. They are also suitable for autocross and road race classes.


For small-block Chevrolet applications, three 10.5in pressure plate styles are available: standard weight HD with steel ring; lightweight HD with steel ring; or rebuildable lightweight HD with aluminum pressure ring.

Ram Circle Track ClutchThe disc choices for the Chevrolet include those of the sprung hub type, the solid hub, or the six-paddle solid hub. The solid hub is lighter than the sprung hub and thus rotates faster. The two materials used in the friction discs are organic or metallic. The selection of one or the other is often determined by the rulebook. Organics consist of fibers and composites bonded together to form the friction base. Metallic types, on the other hand, have a higher coefficient of friction, which allows them to combat heat better and ensures greater durability.

For small-block Ford applications, Ram offers a lightweight HD 10.5in pressure plate with aluminum ring and the same disc choices. Ford 2000/2300 racers can select from an HD 8.5in pressure plate with steel ring, lightweight steel flywheel and organic spring hub or solid center clutch disc. Pressure plates weigh from 11.7lbs to 18lbs; clutch discs from 2.5lbs to 5.3lbs.

To conclude the assemblies, lightweight flywheels are available in 3 different weights and can be mixed and matched to meet the weight requirements of the specific class. Small-block Ford flywheels weigh between 13.5 and 15lbs (Ford 2000/2300 9.5lbs) and small-block Chevrolet 10lbs and 15.5lbs.

Stock Oval Flywheel, Ram FlywheelFinally, Ram offers all components, including release bearings, separately or in packages that include flywheel, pressure plate and clutch disc.

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