Written by Moore Good Ink

Columbia, SC: Ram has revealed two new Pro release bearings suitable for all 8in, 10in, or 11in diameter drag racing clutches.

For years when drag racing drivers engage the clutch at the finish line, often with engines spinning at 8,000 to 10,000rpm, the clutch fingers make contact with the stationary bearing which instantly flings bearing grease into the clutch. Ram’s technical director Pat Norcia, said, “Although OEM truck release bearings were adapted for racing use, they’ve never been fully satisfactory—mainly because they are packed with grease and have inadequate sealing for racing purposes.” In addition, truck-style release bearings often cause excessive wear on the clutch fingers.

Machined from T-6 aluminum bar stock and featuring a bearing with a tool steel contact face, these new Ram Pro devices are available in two configurations: one for use with a cross-shaft design (popular on supercharged and nitrous oxide engines); the other for a clutch fork. Both spindle-style bearings, which are double shielded allowing them to operate with light oil instead of grease, eliminate run out, prevent wear or scars on the ends of the clutch fingers or bearing surface, and ensure reliability—their greaseless internals allowing them to ramp up to full engine speed efficiently.

Ram’s new Professional release bearings, which are designed to combat point-of-contact pressures of 500-1500lb, weigh 1lb to 1.25lb, depending upon collar length, are priced from $99.00 and available for immediate delivery.

For printable catalog fact sheet click here.

For further information on these and other Pro release bearings (Fork Type 6-7in, Fork Type 8-11in and Cross Shaft 8-11in) contact:
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