Written by Moore Good Ink

Columbia, SC, September, 2009: For those wishing to shed 14 pounds of surplus rotating weight from their 5.7 or 6.1 liter Dodge Hemi, here is the latest bolt-in upgrade. It’s a 6061 alloy flywheel designed to replace the factory 12.5-inch heavy, steel unit and to accept the twin-disc hardware. It is probably the first of its kind.

Ideal for road racers and auto crossers, in fact, anyone who wishes to experience the dramatic improvements of a lower moment of inertia, this lightweight, direct replacement flywheel will pick up acceleration and induce less wheel spin.

Designed as a fully rebuildable flywheel, it features a ¼-inch thick mild steel friction insert to dissipate the heat faster, maintain a flat friction surface, and reduce the likelihood of distortion. Though replacement inserts can be renewed by the factory, Ram’s flywheels rarely require them. Typically they are resurfaced when wear exceeds .015 inches. Under constant, hard use this re-surfacing process could, if necessary, be applied many times. To provide a proper friction surface and to ensure the flywheel is parallel to the crankshaft mounting flange, Ram’s flywheels are prepared with a Blanchard-ground surface (see superlative surface finish on lead image).

The starter gear ring is machined for three button-head securing screws and heat-shrunk in place. This new SFI certified Ram flywheel is dynamically balanced to ½ oz/in and is identified by part number 2587. The MSRP is $499 and shipping is prompt.

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