Written by Moore Good Ink

Columbia, SC, May, 2009: RAM Automotive has announced a new twin-plate high-performance clutch and flywheel assembly for the new Dodge Challenger SRT8 called the DirectFit StreetDual (PN 90-2355). This assembly is directed at street applications with healthy injections of ancillary power and is a bolt-in arrangement for the factory twin-disc hardware. Its dimensions are similar to the original. Overall height is 3.0-3.1 inches (measured from the crankshaft flange to the fingers of the cover assembly) and has a diameter of 10.5 inches.

From here on out, the benefits of the DirectFit StreetDual assembly over the stock unit are exemplary. The diaphragm pressure plate assembly weighs a whopping 15 pounds less, exhibits a 2400-pound clamp load, and employs a nodular iron pressure ring for strength.

The twin friction discs employ RAM 300-series organic material, the chief advantage being that organic friction material has superior holding power and improved drivability without the tendency to chatter on initial clutch release. Concurrent, the clutch disc springs are stiffer than the stock and by encasing them in urethane their rate of compression increases approximately four times that of an uncoated spring. As a result, the RAM StreetDual assembly has the capacity to corral as much as 1000 horsepower at the wheels and provides stock drivability. Since this clutch assembly will combat greater rotational forces than the stock assembly, RAM provides it with steel friction backing (see accompanying image with call-outs). Further, the facing is riveted steel-to-steel in direct contrast with factory non-back facings.

To complete the assembly, the aluminum billet flywheel construction accepts a ¼-inch thick steel friction insert. Compared with thinner inserts that are prone to warping, the one in the RAM flywheel is regarded as the thickest in the industry which contributes sufficient mass to dissipate heat and maintains a flat friction surface.

RAM is aware that all your questions about the DirectFit StreetDual experience may not be addressed here. To that concern RAM has a wise and able team that can provide valuable, free information.

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