Written by Moore Good Ink

Ram has pioneered a new clutch pedal adjuster (PN 78300) that not only corrects the pedal height of all aftermarket high performance clutch systems but also OEM systems. In addition it’s designed to function with any OEM or aftermarket hydraulic clutch system and eradicates all concerns associated with the over-travel of the release bearings. (Release Bearings with excessive travel can destroy the bearing or cause the clutch diaphragm to travel over center, resulting in high rpm engagement troubles)

Compared with factory-style originals, most modern high performance aftermarket clutches require less travel to disengage. As a result, the pedal often sits higher than the enthusiast might desire; in fact, the factory pedal could often benefit from a slightly lower position.

Available for immediate delivery and priced at $138.95, this new Ram HSA (Hydraulic System Adjuster) is easily installed and adjustable without lifting the car if the valve is mounted under the hood.

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