Written by Moore Good Ink

Ford flywheelColumbia, SC: Fans of Ford Racing Performance Parts might lament the discontinuation of the billet steel flywheel (PN M-6375-A302) for the pre-1981 302/351 Windsor V8, but RAM has filled that void with an excellent upgrade (PN 1527). They have also replicated the product in aluminum (PN 2527). Both flywheel types are aimed directly at the street/strip and street rod market and both are SFI certified.

To provide a proper friction surface and to ensure the flywheel is parallel to the crankshaft flange, it is Blanchard-ground (flat to 0.001-inch). The 157-tooth starter gear ring is machined for three button-head securing screws and heat-shrunk in place on both steel and aluminum types.

Each Ram flywheel is individually balanced to ½ oz/in and is prepared with standard thread 5/16-inch attachment holes for 10½-inch Long-style as well as 10½-inch metric-thread holes for diaphragm pressure plates. Price point for the steel version (approx. $250) is competitive with the discontinued Ford item.

The 2575 aluminum version is designed to be completely rebuilt featuring a ¼-inch thick mild steel friction insert to dissipate the heat faster, maintain a flat friction surface, and reduce the likelihood of distortion.

Though replacement inserts can be renewed by the factory, RAM’s flywheels rarely require them. Typically they are resurfaced when wear exceeds 0.015-inch. Further, this resurfacing process could be applied many times over. The additional benefit is a 10-12-pound reduction in rotating mass and a moment of inertia (a measure of an object’s resistance to changes in its rotation rate) that improves engine response and vehicle acceleration.

RAM is aware that all your questions about the 1527 or 2575 flywheel may not be addressed here. To that concern, RAM has a wise and able team ready to provide valuable information at no charge.

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