Written by Moore Good Ink

Ram Clutch, Force 9.5 ClutchColumbia, SC: Launched in 2010, Ram’s Force 9.5 dual-disc units are not new. What is new, however, is by combining it with their 900 series friction disc, the clutch assembly’s capacity is increased from handling around 700hp to around 950hp.

These new clutches fit all popular applications, including Corvette, Camaro, Mustang, and early muscle cars.

Using a metallic-sintered iron-based material that is compressed under high heat to bond it to the backing plate, the 900 series disc has a higher coefficient of friction than the standard organic materials. Thus it combats heat better and offers increased holding power. Also relevant is its light weight and that it operates with a six-spring hub instead of eight.

The Force 9.5 is small and remarkably light—weighing approximately 38lbs compared with, for example, the standard LS arrangement, which weighs around 57lbs and measures 11.750in. This combination of compact size and light weight hastens engine response. The effects of faster acceleration and deceleration are unmistakable.

Shedding mass from the flywheel or clutch assembly of a high performance street car, especially those not encumbered by a tall first gear, always provokes an improvement in an engine’s perkiness.

Devised as an economical, entry-level unit, Ram’s Force 9.5 is guaranteed to meet the exact height dimensions of the original factory clutch-flywheel assembly, thus it’s a direct bolt-in fit.

The Force 9.5 cover assembly with metallic-sintered 900-series clutch plate is priced around $1175 while the organic version is $950.

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