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V6 MustangNext year, in 2014, Formula One will replace their long-established V8s with smaller turbocharged V6 engines. Attracted by efficiencies in fuel consumption without loss in lap speeds the new regulations will contain costs by reducing the engines’ moving parts by 15 percent while producing a 30 percent gain in efficiency over existing V8 standards.

Today, Ram Clutches reveal their own V6 news with details of their latest clutch and flywheel offerings for Ford’s impressive 3.7-liter 6-speed Mustangs from 2011 to ’13. Weighing 150lbs lighter than their V8 counterparts and with nimbleness not seen in other Mustangs, Ram is hoping this news might be of importance.

Facilitates torque increases up to 450ft-lbs and beyond to 1200ft-lbs

RAM Dual disc clutch set

Columbia SC: Original equipment 3.7 literV6 Mustangs from 2011 to ’13 generate over 300hp and 280ft-lbs of torque. To facilitate further torque increases of up to 450ft-lbs and beyond to 1200ft-lbs, Ram has announced seven new clutch sets each with progressively increased clamping loads.

Three are single-disc set ups; the remaining four are of the dual-disc type. All are engineered as direct fitments, each operates in conjunction with a new, billet Ram flywheel, and none require modifications to the factory release mechanism.

Single disc sets

Ram Single disc clutch set


Torque increases of up to 450, 550, and 650ft-lbs are accommodated by Ram’s 10.5in single-disc clutch sets: HDX, Powergrip and Powergrip HD respectively. The flywheels provided are available in either billet steel or aluminum. By replacing the heavy factory dual-mass flywheel with a Ram billet unit, substantial weight savings are reflected: steel 10lbs; aluminum 22lbs.

To facilitate greater torque increases Ram employs the Force 9.5 (700ft-lbs) or 10.5 (900ft-lbs) dual-disc assemblies. All dual-disc variations are developed to deliver light pedal feel and smooth engagement in street applications. The highest ratings of dual-disc assemblies (1,200ft-lbs) are achieved by including Ram’s 900-series discs. These metallic disc varieties are used for higher clamping capacities in race or high-output forced induction applications.

Lastly, weight of the Force 9.5 clutch assembly is reduced by 19lbs—from 57lbs stock to 38lbs; at 47lbs the larger 10.5 version reflects a 10lbs weight saving.

Here in these tables is a summary of the details:

Dual disc sets Retail  Transmits up to





Force 9.5 dual disc

Force 9.5 900-series dual disc

Force 10.5 dual disc

Force 10.5 900-series dual disc





700ft-lbs torque

900ft-lbs torque

900ft-lbs torque

1,200ft-lbs torque


Single disc sets

Retail Transmits up to






HDX Clutch set

Powergrip clutch set

Powergrip HD clutch set

Billet steel flywheel

Billet aluminum flywheel






450ft-lbs torque

550ft-lbs torque

650ft-lbs torque


(Note: the factory flywheel MUST be replaced to use these clutch sets.)

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