Ancient outdoor museum with 4,400 junk cars:

Nostalgic fix for old car lovers

By Matt Marsh


In late April 2016 I ventured away from beautiful Watkins Glen, New York on a road trip of two-day distance to White, Georgia.

In my garage I have a lowered, supercharged, side-piped, 1971 Corvette. It’s just like my dad’s stock 1971. During the day, I design automotive engine parts and since youth I’ve had a passion for old cars and a love of photography.

Through some random searching I found an ancient outdoor junkyard that had a very large collection of vehicles and allowed paid admittance to photographers. Called Old Car City USA, curiously they don’t sell parts. As the idea settled in my head I figured it was time to cross something off the bucket list!

Upon arrival, the shock and amazement is something I will never be able to put into words. Over 4,000 vintage cars resting on 34 acres connected by six miles of trails, this family-owned outdoor museum has operated since 1931.

To whet your appetite I have included a sample of some of the photos I took while there. I have just started reviewing them and will have more available soon. Plans are now in place to return to God’s Acreage and capture more photographs now that the OMG factor has worn off and I can focus a little better.

In fact, I was so distracted while mingling among these treasures that at one point I fell over my tripod; expensive cameras went flying and a smashed tripod the result. Every one of these enchanting old machines has a story, a story that we will never hear. I couldn’t help but wonder about the young drivers and their dates smitten by desire rolling along in these vintage charmers. How many great journeys had they taken through the state, or when they simply conveyed a kid tooling around at dusk in dad’s car looking good. Although we are not part of their history, through these photos their history can become part of us.

Photos are available for purchase. Please inquire at and to get updates to additional photos or on Facebook:

Old Car City USA, White, Georgia.

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