Written by Moore Good Ink

St George, UT: Healthy brake fluid is instrumental in stopping your vehicle. It also protects the system from corrosion. Scheduled fluid testing is the best way to maintain the performance of your system. Brake fluid degrades and wears out over time, leaving the system vulnerable to corrosion that may lead to damage of the ABS, a brake system failure, and result in longer stopping distances. It is impossible to ascertain the validity of (DOT 3 and DOT 4) brake fluid by color, age, moisture, or mileage, and this is where the BrakeStrip shines. 

BrakeStrip uses FASCAR® copper testing technology (the only standard for brake fluid testing), as created by Phoenix Systems. Independent studies have revealed that copper testing is 35 times more effective than moisture testing. To test, you dip one end of the BrakeStrip in the suspect fluid for one second. Then shake off the excess. Wait one minute for the reaction to complete. To determine the FASCAR rating, compare the color of the strip with the variegated examples on the packaging tube. As preventive maintenance, Phoenix Systems recommend flushing the system and replacing the fluid when the color (purple) closely matches the 100ppm (parts per million) level. The MAP (Motorist Assurance Program, an independent body that sets standards for the automotive industry) criterion requires fluid replacement when it tests at 200ppm.

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