Written by Moore Good Ink

Bicknell, UT: Hose CandyTM from OOMPH! Labs makes every hot rod more alluring and every racecar more serviceable.

With patent applied for, this new and unique system converts all vacuum and turbo hoses to a quick-coupled setup, eliminating broken fittings or barbs during removal or troubles with unyielding, rigid hose ends. They connect and disconnect in a moment with half a twist of your finger and thumb.

Leak-proof they eliminate power-robbing vacuum leaks, withstand high under-hood temperatures, and are rated for -30 inches of vacuum and 135 P.S.I. of pressure. But perhaps the principal benefits of Hose Candy lie in its show-stopping appearance and in its practical capacities. Their modular product architecture enables the color-coded lines and fittings to be formed in dozens of different configurations. These systems are ideal for all vacuum or pressure actuated components including: turbo systems, vacuum-operated carburetors, air intake systems, vacuum-advance mechanisms, EGR fittings, evaporative emission controls, MAP sensors, crankcase breathers, boost controllers, even wiper systems, transmitting either vacuum or fluid. And with a quick-coupled tee in place, diagnostic equipment can be connected, allowing vacuum and pressure gauge readings to be taken in seconds.

The fittings consist of CNC aluminum rotating collars that snap onto molded nylon male hose ends. These, in turn, connect to corresponding nylon female flanged hose ends. The rotating collars are available in a variety of colors and the nylon molded hose-end connectors accept virtually all common hose sizes including: 1/8, 5/32, 3/16″, and ¼-inch (3, 4, 4.75, & 6.25, mm). Designed to accommodate OEM and aftermarket hoses, OOMPH! Labs also provides silicone hose in a variety of colors and bore sizes.

Packaged in a multi-car kit ($99) or a one-car kit ($59) all of the above components are provided plus a selection of rubber fittings, both straight and 90-degree styles (for PCV valves, vacuum, and boost connections), and visually striking yellow shrink-tubes to create an attractive effect at hose ends.

Note: Hose Candy is not recommended for fuel lines or transmission lines or any lines carrying vital pressurized fluid.

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For further information contact:
144 West Main St., Box 280
Bicknell, UT 84715
Telephone (435) 425-2222 or e-mail sharon@oomphlabs.com or visit www.hosecandy.com