Written by Moore Good Ink
Images by Peak Seven

PBIR booth

Orlando, FL: Dec. 11-13, 2008:  – The PBIR staff with a large display booth   demonstrated a strong presence at this year’s 21st annual PRI exhibition at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. As previous, the trade show featured automotive-based manufacturers and suppliers from the United States and around the world.  This year’s event attracted 42,000-plus attendees.

The PBIR booth showcased an Indy Lights racecar, the Wilson Manifolds Cobalt Pro Stocker, a Maranello Kart, and various race vehicles that can participate at the PBIR multi-venue race track.
2nd booth image

3rd booth image

Ron Dixon, president, announced news of imminent FIA Grade II track certification for PBIR (expected late January or early February 2009).  This license is a major advancement, enabling the track to host a variety of professional classes such as IRL, Indy Lights, Grand Am or ARCA.  Dixon also outlined an exciting new PBIR concept to be known as the Indy Lights Rookie Challenge.  This commendable new series, scheduled for late February to mid-March ’09, is designed to provide an opportunity for a young racer to enter the IRL Indy Lights series.  The winner of the Rookie Challenge will receive a fully sponsored ride underwritten by Palm Beach International Raceway.