By Ben Mozart:

chuck-fitchChuck Fitch has played a pivotal role for over thirty years in the supply of engines and transmissions—often custom packages with an emphasis on completeness—and recently expanded his options by opening a new venture: Ohio Speed Shops.

ohiospeedshopswebsiteFitch’s competitive advantage has always been his personal touch:”I always try to talk to my customers about their best options rather than ‘here is what’s available’. We discuss how the engine should be dressed: carbureted or fuel injection. We also inquire as to how the power package will be used. Most of the time the answer he receives is Street use with the occasional visit to the track, which generally narrows the practical choices to a couple of options.

But this advice is important as the wrong choice has rarely a pleasant outcome. Often an incorrect camshaft specification results in the engine “loading-up”, making the vehicle a misery to drive. Says Fitch, “Most of us have experienced wrong choices; clearly, they are best avoided.”

Interestingly, there’s an engine dyno tuning, testing and break-in service option. Again, Chuck Fitch, “We prep the engines and prime them with oil. It leads to a smoother engine installation and eliminates the inconvenience of the installer running about looking for extra parts.” This service costs $650 and $900 depending upon the type of engine and its configuration.

If you have a special request, call or email Chuck at Ohio Speed Shops. And for car builders and some engine builders they provide unique sourcing of GM OE and Chevrolet performance parts.



Ohio Speed Shops
536 Wyoming Ave, Niles, Ohio 44446