Written by Moore Good Ink

For years, coaxing additional power from Ford’s overhead cam engines had been notoriously difficult. The attributes of the camshafts in the Modular engines are peculiarly different to those of the conventional pushrod engine. And even today there are only a handful of cam-design houses with the genius to create camshafts that produce superior power to those of the original equipment manufacturer. Lunati is one such firm.

Just recently completed, Lunati has announced three new series of Voodoo camshafts for 4.6 liter Ford Modular 2-valve; 3-valve; and 4-valve engines.

For the popular 3-valve version, they are introducing 14 new grinds. At the lower end of this series, the new cams provide significant power increases from idle to 6,500 rpm while using stock valve springs. At the higher end they operate from 2,000 to 6,900 rpm in conjunction with upgraded springs and retainers. The valve springs for all three series are made of premium chrome silicon alloy and stress-relieved by shot peening and polishing. The retainers are available in either chrome molybdenum or titanium.

For the 4.6 liter 2-valve engine Lunati now has 9 high-performance cams available and a further 8 for the 4-valve version, making a total of 31 camshafts. The 2-valve cams also work well in the 5.4 liter engine. In addition, Lunati also offers their express custom-grind service for these Modular engines.

Particularly useful for 10:1 pump-gas street-strip cars and Saturday night bracket racers, these new gun-drilled lightweight cams have a wide range of profiles-dozens of durations from 220 to 240-that improve the performance of all naturally aspirated, blown, turbocharged, and nitrous-assisted engines.

To further increase power output, Lunati also offers two new stroker cranks for the 4.6L engines. Forged in C38 micro alloy, one provides a stroke length of 3.750in., the other 3.800in. Both use Lunati 6.000in Pro Series connecting rods, featuring 2in rod journals, 2.657in main journals, and accept the 8-bolt Cobra-style flywheel.

For further information on these new cams and associated upgrades, including part numbers, selection guide, optimum gearing, stall speeds, best torque and power ranges, facts on the modified Phaser to limit valve timing on the 3-valve, etc., contact Lunati’s experienced tech support service. This personalized service is accessible by telephone from 7am till 6pm CST.

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