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[object]Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Wilson Manifolds has added a new service: the installation of injector bosses and fuel rail stanchions on intake manifolds. Aimed at the street-strip, drag racing, and off-road markets, this service is particularly convenient for hot rod enthusiasts, racers, and engine builders who are converting to fuel injection.

“To obtain efficient atomization,” says Keith Wilson, “the injectors must be positioned precisely in the intake tract. If not the fuel mist collides with an intake wall and vapors degrade into large droplets. In doing so they enter the chamber in less than perfect form and power is lost.”

Wilson, renown for improved airflow, air-fuel distribution, and horsepower gains via their ported and sheet metal manifold designs, spacers, fuel rails, elbows, and throttle bodies, says that they adapt existing manifolds or supply new manifolds with all necessary provisions for fuel injection. Porting work, nitrous provisions and burst panels can also be provided if necessary.

The two most popular fuel injection throttle bodies currently in use are the 4-barrel style and the large single-bore style that functions with an elbow. Four barrel throttle bodies are popular on naturally aspirated street-strip and Baja engines; large single-bore units are commonly used on drag racing turbo and supercharged applications as well as large displacement or powerful naturally aspirated engines.

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