Written By Moore Good Ink

Perhaps the greatest news for the 2011 Mustang GT was the introduction of the 5.0-liter modular engine and the switch from a Tremec to a Getrag 5-speed manual transmission. To that end, RAM now offers their Force 9.5 and Force 10.5 dual-disc high performance clutch assemblies, along with single-disc sets from HDX to Powergrip HD. In addition Ram has also made available new billet aluminum and steel flywheels for Ford’s new GT. These new parts mitigate pressure plate troubles at high engine speeds.

Ram developed its 5.0-liter clutch packages because of an engagement problem that occurs on low-mileage, early-production 2011 GTs (built prior to April 25, 2010). Though the clutch disengages at high engine speeds, 6,000 rpm or more, centrifugal forces prevent it from re-engaging, unless engine speeds are reduced. As a result gear changes at high engine speeds are awkward if not impossible.

RAM had already experienced similar centrifugal troubles with GM flat diaphragm clutches during the 60s and 70s, and they adapted a high-cone cover assembly for their new RAM Force dual-disc setup. This technique prevents the clutch cover fingers from traveling over center.  The RAM Force assembly provides a torque capacity of 800 lb-ft and comprises pressure plate, dual-clutch discs, Blanchard-ground steel floater plate between them, and an aluminum flywheel (the OEM flywheel cannot be re-used).

In common with the other Force 9.5 dual-disc units, this assembly is compact and light, contributing to faster acceleration and deceleration. Moreover, it operates quietly, requires pedal pressure no greater than that of the OE part, and as with other Ram dual-disc assemblies, this unit is engineered to fit properly within the confines of the factory bell housing and operate with the factory release bearing. To ensure ample holding power and superb drivability without chatter on initial clutch release, Ram outfits both friction plates with their 300 series organic linings.

Reassembly time by an experienced tech consumes approximately two hours.

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