Written by Moore Good Ink

Pete Berner courtesy of Competition PlusColumbia, SC: The big excitement of the 2012 drag racing season, particularly in the ADRL Extreme Pro Stock and in Pro Nitrous categories, will be the appearance of the 2012 Camaro body style.

Pat Norcia, engineering and motor sports director of Ram Clutches, says these new Muscle Cars will bring a breath of fresh air to the contest. Their expectant new owners will test more and learn more and it will spark greater interest with spectators because they can easily associate the Camaro’s dynamic race track presence with that of its road-going counterpart. In racing, Muscle Cars tend to command more attention than those with conventional body styles.

Pat NorciaMaster clutch tuner Norcia says, “The arrival of the new Camaro has already boosted demand in high-performance aftermarket clutches and with its arrival on the racing scene things will snowball. If you consider the Mustang, it took about four years before aftermarket sales ramped up to speed. Therefore, it’s likely that within the next 18-24 months demand for high performance Camaro parts will be similar—and we need to be ready for it.”

Ram, one of the best clutch companies born in the past forty years, probably owes its supremacy to its inexhaustible racing interest, both in professional and sportsman classes, and its ability to apply those lessons learned to street, strip, oval, and other high performance applications. They call their clutch development programs ‘top down’ as opposed to ‘bottom up’.

ADRL racing kicks off on March 30/31 in Houston, Texas.

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