By Freddie Heaney:

Valve coversMooresville, NC- Roush Yates Engines now offers two-piece valve covers for the Yates D3 cylinder heads. Designed with a lower profile and produced from billet aluminum, these assemblies, comprising a base and a cover, have several interesting advantages.

First the two-piece design allows valve adjustments to be made without oil spill, as the covers can be removed while the bases remain attached to the heads. A flat gasket is used to seal the base to the cylinder head and a 0.135-inch O-ring is used to seal the valve cover to its base. Eight studs, which are common to both valve cover and base, are used to attach both items to the cylinder head. Each stud is equipped with double nuts.

Because valve springs can become alarmingly hot, these valve cover bases are equipped with tiny ports from which pressurized oil is sprayed onto the springs and valve train to aid cooling. The tiny ports are linked to a long, gun-drilled oil galley terminating in NPT threaded ends, which accept AN fittings. A 37-degree AN-4 flared fitting is installed in the front port; an AN-4 plug in the rear.

detailsTo monitor engine vacuum, threaded ports are offered as a convenient option. These can be added to each end of the valve covers, allowing the driver to monitor engine condition from the cockpit.

Both base and cover are available in several anodized colors: black, gold, red, blue, or clear. And last but not least, these valve covers are available with the Roush Yates logo or in a plain finish without a logo, or with a laser-engraved logo of your choice. The kits are complete and available for $600 per set.

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