Written by Moore Good Ink

Ram Clutches hydraulic bearing kits

Hydraulic bearing kits from Ram Clutches

Columbia, SC: When installing an aftermarket clutch on any of the vehicle models listed below, there’s a strong likelihood you’ll require a hydraulic bearing kit with more flexibility than that of the stock system.

1998-02 Camaro-Firebird
1997-12 Corvette
2010-12 Camaro
2003-06 GTO
2003-up CTS-V
2005-up Mustang V8’s
2008-up Challenger 

Ram Clutches tells us their new all-metal units are stronger and function better than the partially plastic stock bearings. They also provide more travel than stock, and include all the necessary fittings and lines to adapt to these vehicles. Their hydraulic bearing kits are not only complete but also they are engineered to fit properly, requiring no extra parts. In addition Ram’s Dual Disc clutch units for these vehicles are also engineered to be an exact fit. No surprises!

For further information contact:
RAM Automotive Company
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Telephone (803) 788-6034