New air cleaner for all Demon carburetors, including those with choke mechanisms

Written by Moore Good Ink

New Air Filter for all Demon carburetorsDawsonville GA: Air cleaners are not normally noted for their ingenuity. But this one might be.

The hallmark of a great air filter is one that does more.
Measuring 14 inches in diameter and supplied with a 3in deep filter element and featuring a recessed base to maintain a low profile, Demon Carburetion’s newly designed air cleaner (PN 786004) was conceived initially to suit the latest 625cfm Street Demon. But senior Demon designer, Larry Tipton, cleverly introduced a return flange to the bottom of its recessed base, at the gasket surface, enabling it to accommodate not only the Street Demon but also all modular-style Demon carburetors, including those with choke-operating mechanisms.

On this new Demon air cleaner the return flange provides an adequate margin of operating clearance

Return flange provides adequate margin of operating clearance.

Early Demon carburetors were principally designed for racing engines and as such had no choke towers. Later models prepared for the hot rod market, however, exhibited streamlined choke towers with linkages that sometimes interfered with existing air cleaners. On this new Demon air cleaner the return flange provides an adequate margin of operating clearance.Warning no longer necessary
Replacement air filter elements, 3 or 4in deep, are readily available from most auto parts stores.

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Demon Carburetor Air Cleaner

New Air Cleaner from Demon Carburetion










  1. Does this air cleaner sit clear of 1973 Corvette big-block hood?

    • The fitment will depend on the intake manifold and carburetor combination that you have. C3 Corvettes have minimal hood clearance. This Demon model that you asked about only has a 1/2” drop in the base. I believe that will not be low enough for the Corvette hood. I would suggest looking at Summit’s website or one of the other retailers for their air cleaner specifications; there are other air cleaners that offer over 1-1/4” drop bases. Or search the web for forums where other Corvette owners are sharing their experiences.


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