By Archie Bosman
Photographs by Moore Good Ink

First test with fully developed 5-stage dry-sump pump, the LS produced 28in of vacuum and generated 810hp at 7,000rpm. Moran Motorsports sees potential for 8,000rpm and 850-860hp.

Taylor MI: Moran Motorsports has introduced the first dry-sump lubrication system to suit Corvettes without incapacitating either the power steering or the air conditioning systems.

“The biggest thing is,” says Mike Moran, “it fits into a C6 Corvette without removing your A/C or losing your power steering. Until now, sacrificing one of those accessories was the only way a Corvette guy could engage a dry-sump system with an external pump.

“We eliminated the stock oil pump,” confirms Moran, “because it has always been a limiting factor in Corvette engine performance. The pump has a tendency to cavitate above 7,000rpm. However, with the new system, cavitation concerns are gone.”

Extensive Development work to utilize factory components

Moran went on: “The development work was extensive as we wanted to utilize as many original factory components as possible. We began with one of Bill Dailey’s dry-sump oil pumps and adapted it for Corvette use. We performed all the rapid prototyping using corn starch. We designed the pump—we grew it—and then gave it to Bill for final design. He created it from our solid model into a real deal.

“Moreover, we designed the brackets to accommodate the factory tensioner—we drive the pump with another drive that’s already on the motor. Lastly, we manufacture the pulley kit and complete the assembly with Bill Dailey’s billet oil pan. You simply bolt it on and you have a reliable dry-sump system.”

Moran Motorsports’ new 5-stage dry-sump oiling kit is priced at $4,600, including the billet oil pan.

Mike Moran, Moran Motorsports


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