Written by Moore Good Ink

Waldorf, MD: MME, McKeown Motorsport Engineering, the acclaimed Ford engine builder of almost 30 years, is introducing the world’s first aftermarket Cleveland engine, the MME Cleveland Titus.

While the original Ford Cleveland has been known to be a high-output, high RPM, small-block Ford, MME’s carbureted or fuel injected street-versions produce vibrant air flow without having to turn high RPM. They are therefore completely streetable and suited to pump fuel.

With recent rapid advances in engine electronics, in-house CNC-machining, and MME’s experience in camshaft design, the Titus in street trim generates excellent drivability from cruise to redline. Operating from 1,500 to 6,500rpm and using an 850cfm carburetor or port fuel injection and 10.75-11.0:1 compression ratio, the Titus produces 640-650hp at the crankshaft, with a broad torque curve.

Unlike the original, the Titus crankshaft is internally balanced for smoother running at higher engine speeds and its counterweights contoured to reduce turbulence in the crankcase. In addition, the lubrication system is upgraded to priority mains and each engine is provided with a build sheet stating every engine dimension, including calculated oil clearances. Also, optional Titus camshafts with larger diameter journals and revised firing order are available, bringing greater efficiency to the valve train and smoother engine performance.

Offered in street or race configuration, as a complete running engine or as individual part sales, the Titus easily adapts to naturally aspirated, nitrous, turbo, or supercharged applications. In addition MME supplies the Titus with intake and cylinder head configurations to suit the hood clearance requirements of most body styles or performance needs.

Bill Elliott at Daytona 500-1985

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Cleveland power takes Bill Elliott to victory in the 1985 Daytona 500.