New Idea, New Price: Steering news for short-track racers

By Archie Bosman: Did you know most hydraulic racing and high-performance power steering pumps are rebuilt street car pumps and that electric steering is regarded as the single worst attribute of the modern road-going car? Lack of consistent feel and listlessness on-center are its common criticisms. When Porsche was... read more

Exclusive LS3 crate engine just announced

From Ohio Speed Shops. Owner Chuck Fitch has released information on their latest GM LS3 6.2L 525HP crate engine package with self-learning EFI system. Only $8679.99 And for a limited time they offer Free dyno testing and engine break-in service. 48-state Free Truck Freight shipping also applies. For more... read more

New Edelbrock Victor II 5.0L Coyote Intake Manifold

Edelbrock has announced the release of their new intake manifold for the 2011-16 Ford 5.0L Coyote V8 engine. Designated Victor II the intake (#7180) is designed for use with Ford Coyote engines running in the 1500 – 7500 rpm operating range. To gain optimum performance it features long tapered,... read more

Kenny Duttweiler holds court at PRI

By Martha Maglone: About six or seven years ago, noted engine builder Kenny Duttweiler was invited to speak at the PRI show. They told him to look respectable and show-up at 7:30am, half an hour before his presentation. Hair cut neatly, finger nails cleaned, the appearance of a successful... read more

Update on new Hemi cylinder heads for small-block Fords

After twenty years of reporting developments in racing and performance parts, it’s useful to remember just how confounding it is to accurately predict what new designs might appeal and what might not. But the response to our recent account of the new small-block Ford Hemi cylinder head from Hammerhead... read more

The anatomy of the supercharger or what makes it tick

By Titus Bloom: Superchargers are magical devices. They increase the oxygen supply to the engine by compressing the air, thus increasing its density. Accordingly, the engine burns more air-fuel mixture and produces more power. In a centrifugal supercharger, the air is propelled through the compressor wheel and compressed in the... read more

Lightweight steering column for racing chassis & hot rods

At this year’s SEMA show held in Las Vegas, November 1-4, ididit, the Tecumseh, Michigan-based steering column specialist, won the Best New Street Rod/Custom Car Product award with their new ‘40 Ford special edition column, which also suits the Model A and the ‘32s. Beyond this, Marty Waterstraut, ididit’s... read more

Artful Dodgers: How crafty racers succeed

By Alfie Bilk:   “I once saw a nitrous oxide system concealed within a brake booster,” says Nitrous Supply’s Mike Thermos. “The illicit charge was transmitted by way of the vacuum line and into the intake manifold. Another bamboozle I recall prevailed by delivering nitrous through the heater hoses.”... read more

Measuring the piston crown

By Titus Bloom: The most valuable currency of the race piston maker and also of the race engine builder is his reputation. Daily, they work around potentially destructive forces and know well the fine line between an engineering triumph and disaster. Piston-crown thickness troubles usually strike from one of... read more

Androwick Returns to NHRA Pro Stock

For 2016, the NHRA introduced drastic changes to the Pro Stock racing class. Teams discarded their carburetors and hood scoops, replacing them with mandated cowl induction and fuel injection electronic control units. Years of development knowledge was abandoned as teams struggled in the off-season to adapt their race cars... read more

Ohio Speed Shops: Chuck Fitch explains how to buy an engine package

By Ben Mozart: Chuck Fitch has played a pivotal role for over thirty years in the supply of engines and transmissions—often custom packages with an emphasis on completeness—and recently expanded his options by opening a new venture: Ohio Speed Shops. Fitch’s competitive advantage has always been his personal touch:”I... read more