How to add 5hp to the race engine throughout the rev range:

Each generation of induction technology continually evolves; here is the latest. Measuring two inches deep, Mike Androwick of Mike’s Racing Heads has introduced a new lightweight four-hole tapered spacer to suit all 4150-style mounting flanges. It accommodates a wide range of competition engines. It is also said to fulfill... read more

New circle track blocks and useful deck-height guides

By Archie Bosman: Over the years most of us have toyed with the notion of acquiring a desirable engine or two and sometimes, foolishly, we’ve asked the question, “Which one would you recommend?” Of course the inevitable answer comes: “It depends on what you’re trying achieve.” Often that answer... read more

Rebirth of the 8.1L Vortec and advancement of Merlin IV

By Titus Bloom:   Raise questions about the prospects of GM’s 8.1 liter V8 Vortec engine block and you will quickly learn that currently there is no direct-replacement block available. The engine has been extinct since 2010. But at the 2016 PRI show held in Indianapolis in December, World... read more

Seeking permanent end to exhaust gasket leaks?

By Freddie Heaney:   How do you compete on the national stage—how do you rise from obscurity if you don’t advertise? Engine builders do it by word of mouth but for small manufacturers the process is more daunting: expensive and often hit-and-miss if not executed with some skill. In... read more

Testing first small-block Ford Hemi

By Alfie Bilk: If you were seeking a guidebook on how not to carve out a career in motor sport, Greg Brown’s story might be a good starting place. Following two years of studying numerous concepts and with a prototype partially complete, he undertook the daunting task of pioneering... read more

Sponsorship guru: a contract-clincher like no other

By Martha Maglone: Zak Brown briefly attended the opening of this year’s Auto Sport International show in Birmingham, England. The traditional curtain-raiser of the international motor racing season, it was formerly known as the Racing Car Show and, held annually, has been running since the 1960s. Brown, a 45-year... read more

Steering pump creator: Ken Roper

By Fergus Ogilvy: The annual PRI exhibition in Indianapolis provides valuable time to catch up with old friends. It also offers particularly good opportunities to tap into the productive minds of our industry’s designers and problem solvers. You’ll see their familiar faces peak out from their booths among the... read more

Ian Tocher takes tough decision for better prospects

By Martha Maglone: Ian Tocher’s total recovery from severe injury was blighted when infection penetrated his injured left leg in mid-October. Two weeks and four days ago he took the decision to go prosthetic and have it amputated below the knee.  “The lower leg was beyond repair and I’m... read more