Warning from Fang: More power from nozzle change

More venom from Fang II – largest flowing 1/16th nitrous nozzle at 90-degrees yet • Largest nitrous orifice in production – increases flow rate • Individual channels for all passages – seal cannot rupture or leak • Direct replacement for any fogger system – uses same N2O and fuel... read more

How to adjust a carburetor choke

New Jersey native Ray Bohacz is a respected engine builder. Though he relished the challenge of preparing race-winning engines, his earliest memories were linked to farming and its many aspects—particularly its mechanics. Recently he has combined these interests by demonstrating the value of short, technical trouble-solving videos. No doubt... read more

Joe Hornick and his unusual service:

America’s first help line for race engine builders. By Victor Moore: “He’s been an absolute master at soaking up knowledge, which has been a great help to us. He applies it intelligently and explains it in simple terms,” says John Force’s Funny Car crew chief Jimmy Prock. In our... read more

New Digital HP CD Ignition System

PerTronix, the California-based exhaust and ignition specialist recently introduced a new CD ignition system. Fifty-state emissions-legal it’s called the Digital HP. Smallness and greater spark energy are two of its advances. So are 3-step rev limits and price. There are more: • Ultra small form factor: 70% smaller than... read more

New dates: ididit’s car show & open house

The ididit Car Show & Open House, set at the company’s facility in the Michigan Great Lakes Region, is changing dates seeking better weather. Michigan weather isn’t always as consistent as the quality of vehicles on display, according to the company. Originally slated for the first week in October,... read more

Edelbrock High Performance Fuel Pumps

Edelbrock Universal Micro Electric Fuel Pumps deliver maximum performance in a compact package. They feature a durable simple design that reduces the chance of vapor lock and flooding. In addition, they are easy to install and they operate quietly so you won’t know they’re there! Includes fuel pump, filter,... read more

Partial deliveries of pulley/belt combinations barely adequate

How to do it better and how some road racers could raise their game. By Alfie Bilk: For the adept machinist, there’s no miraculous skill required to make adequate custom pulleys. What’s much more useful, however, particularly for engine building shops, is being able to acquire pulley combinations—both accurately... read more