High performance clutch system for LS engines

Written by Moore Good Ink  Columbia, SC: Ram announces a new high performance clutch set for all LS1 and LS6 engines ’97-’04. Assigned with part number 98931HD this new clutch set is now available from their Powergip HD clutch series, a genre of clutch sets designed for properly geared... read more

Four pulley systems for Ford Cleveland 351

Written by Moore Good Ink   Cumming, GA: Concept One, a leader in engine accessory drive systems from Cumming, Georgia, has extended its pulley systems to include a new, compact and stylish line for the venerable Ford Cleveland 351.   Providing a choice of four systems for the Cleveland,... read more

Weldon debuts the 18000 Series: seven critical design improvements over OEM counterpart in latest line of FAA-approved continuous-duty boost pumps for Cessna owners

 Written By Moore Good Ink Cleveland, Ohio: Adding to their 65-plus years of successful pump designs, Weldon Pump has just announced a new, electric continuous-duty boost/emergency fuel pump created initially for Cessna applications (See accompanying file for particulars). A direct replacement for the ubiquitous Dukes intermittent-duty pump, this new... read more

New Weldon fuel-pressure regulator for carbureted applications:

Written by Moore Good Ink Excellent recovery and creep-free characteristics, unsurpassed flow, tool-free adjustment, boost-reference port included as standard fitment, lightweight, and shaped as a direct bolt-on replacement.  During 1942 Weldon began producing pumps for the US Department of Defense. By the late seventies, fast boat owners requiring rugged,... read more

Fuel for all—including machines with demanding appetites!

Written by Moore Good Ink Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Since Wilson’s new D-rails were revealed to the racing and performance markets last November, two new, valuable attributes have emerged. First, it was discovered that racers and enthusiasts would experiment with E85 or switch to methanol and therefore require substantially more... read more