New Composite Dash for ’64-’66 Chevrolet Trucks; New Management and Staff, New Headquarters and Website

Written by Moore Good Ink Carson City, NV: Classic Dash has announced a new, molded ABS composite dash panel specifically for the 1964-66 Chevrolet Fleetside and Stepside light-duty trucks, arguably the precursors of the leanest, cleanest-looking domestic light-duty trucks ever built. In common with all the company’s previous offerings, this new instrument panel is clean and stylish.   Lightweight and exceedingly rigid ABS plastic sheets are vacuum-formed at 320 degrees Fahrenheit and the material is impregnated with a UV inhibiter that protects it from sun damage. Accuracy is the key feature. A Thermwood 5-axis CNC high-speed router consistently trims the dash panels to within .005-inch, plus or minus.   The dash panel is available in carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, or classic black finishes. All Classic Dash panels are offered in two forms: with or without gauge openings and with or without gauges. Gauges include 10 variations from Auto Meter, 8 from Classic Instruments, and 4 from Dolphin Instruments. Auto Meter kits include wiring harness from gauges to factory loom, LED turn signal indicators, and high-beam and emergency brake light indicators.   Classic Dash’s origins date back to 2002; it was the first company to create replacement ABS composite dash panels for vehicles of the muscle car era. The new team at Classic Dash is led by Greg Wambold, who had established an engineering business that specialized in aerospace and auto racing components.   The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Carson City, Nevada. Its website has a new make-over with easy navigation and access to ordering. The new staff members are knowledgeable and friendly and can easily answer any... read more

RAM Clutches Introduces StreetDual Clutch for Corvette ZR1 and LS9 Crate Engines

Written by Moore Good Ink Columbia, SC, August, 2009: RAM Clutches are well-known to drag racers whose engines exhibit more than 2,000 horsepower and RAM’s street repertoire is no less efficient. The company has just announced a new twin-plate high-performance DirectFit StreetDual (PN 90-2115) clutch/flywheel assembly for the ZR1 Corvette supercharged LS9 engine and GM Performance Parts LS9 engines. This assembly is directed at street applications and is a bolt-in upgrade for the factory twin-disc hardware. Its dimensions are similar to the original: overall height is comparable to stock measured from the crankshaft flange to the fingers of the cover assembly and it has a diameter of 10.5 inches. From here on out, the benefits of the DirectFit StreetDual assembly over the stock unit are exemplary. The diaphragm clutch assembly weighs a whopping 10 pounds less, exhibits a 2400-pound clamp load, and employs a nodular iron pressure ring for strength. The twin friction discs employ RAM 300-series organic material, the chief advantage being that organic friction material has superior blend of holding power and improved drivability without the tendency to chatter on initial clutch release. Concurrent, the top clutch disc springs are stiffer than stock and by encasing them in urethane, their rate of compression increases approximately three times that of an uncoated spring. Simple computer tweaks easily elevate the LS9 power rating to more than 700horsepower. As a result, the RAM StreetDual assembly has the capacity to capture as much as 1000 horsepower at the wheels while providing stock drivability. A 900 series disc version is available for higher horsepower applications (90-2115N).  Since this clutch/flywheel assembly will combat... read more

New engine block for Small-Block Chevy: World Products’ launches Motown II, a new cast iron engine block that is also available with bolt pattern for LS cylinder heads and the taller LS deck height.

Written by Moore Good Ink Ronkonkoma, NY: By 2008 the tooling for World Products’ cast iron engine block for the Small-block Chevrolet needed replacing. It had served them well since the 1990s, but the cost of re-tooling was substantial: $570,000.   Since they were obliged to invest so heavily in new tooling, they determined to incorporate every advantage learned during twenty-five years of casting engine blocks. And they did. Among the host of new features, they included a new priority-mains oiling system for better lubrication of main bearings, cam bearings, and valve lifters. To eliminate potential camshaft oiling troubles that occur under high valve spring loads, the camshaft oiling holes were moved from the regular 6 o’clock position to 5 o’clock. A new water jacket was established around the camshaft tunnel. Though the block is machined to the standard cam bore size, it can accommodate the stronger, larger diameter 55mm camshafts—a bonus in all race engines, especially stroker engines. And instead of continuing the age-old convention of using tabs on the outside of the engine casting for machining purposes, they devised a new central internal machining location. This pioneering measure ensures the crankshaft, camshaft, and every other location is exactly central and symmetrically correct on each and every World block. Check out the machined holes and other openings on the Motown II; as they say in engineering circles, “They are dead-nuts on!”   In addition, this new engine block can be poured at the foundry to one of two configurations: either as a regular small-block Chevrolet with a deck height of 9.025 inches, which accepts the small-block cylinder heads or, alternatively,... read more

Lightly Used Racing Clutches and Brakes from Roush Yates Performance Parts:

Written by Moore Good Ink Roush Yates Performance Parts currently has stocks of lightly used 7.250-inch Quarter Master triple-plate racing clutches and 13 x 1.250-inch brakes at their Rolling Hill Road, Mooresville store. New parts are the prerogative of NASCAR teams, and the Roush-Fenway/Yates Racing Cup, Nationwide, and Truck Series team vehicles are constantly being replenished with new parts. The parts removed represent excellent value and can be ideal for professional and Sportsman racers alike.  Quarter Master 7-1/4 inch triple-plate racing clutch, part number 397050: A. Input shaft diameter: 1-5/32 B. Spline: 26 C. Grooved pressure and floater plates for cleaner and cooler running D. Stiffer cover design E. Extremely high torque capacity F. Lower moment of inertia Quarter Master Racing Clutches specifies a minimum thickness of .094” for their clutch plates. Typically, these Roush Yates used plates are of .100 inch in thickness or thicker. They are visually inspected for wear and rejected if thinner than .100 inch. Any disc found with excessive wear, evidence of overheating or cracking is not for sale. Prices start at $135.00 Brembo or PFC Brake Rotors and Pads A. Rotors: 13-inch diameter x 1.250-inch thick B. Fits inside standard NASCAR 15-inch wheel C. Ideal for cars requiring 54mm or 61 mm surface pad area D. Brake pads have very little wear E. Top hats and rotors sold separately if desired   Prices start at $100 per wheel (rotor and hat); pad sets start at $50 Check website for monthly specials and for further information contact: Roush Yates Performance Parts 261 Rolling Hill Road, Suite 2A Mooresville, NC 28117 Toll-free telephone (877) 798-7977... read more

Weldon Racing Pumps revs up fuel filter repertoire: Additional port sizes now available

Written By Moore Good Ink Oakwood Village, OH: Pure, uncontaminated fuel is the lifeblood of an engine. Just as pieces of plaque can block the arteries of your heart, so can tiny roaming bits of dirt and debris clog your engine’s fuel system and stop it dead.   Regardless of origin, even the “cleanest” of fuels can harbor flotsam, the very reason that Weldon Racing recommends two separate filters to capture these contaminants before they reach the carburetor jets or fuel injection nozzles. It is standard practice to place a filter (coarse) after the fuel tank and before the fuel pump as well as another filter (fine) after the fuel pump to capture any remaining contaminants.   Weldon Billet Fuel Filters are manufactured with the same exacting specifications and stringent quality requirements as their Racing Fuel Pumps. Weldon’s Premium Filter media, whether their replaceable paper-cellulose or cleanable stainless-steel mesh types, protects carburetors and injectors from contamination.   According to Racing Products Manager Jim Craig, “Originally we had only the -12 O-ring port version, but we had customers purchasing our fuel pumps that had only -6 or -8 ports, and the correct fittings were difficult to obtain.  We decided, therefore, to offer two additional versions to accommodate various port configurations”. Weldon urges the use of the 100-micron filter placed before their 600-A and 1100-A fuel pumps as well as any other manufacturers’ electric fuel pump; the 40-micron (paper-cellulose) filter placed before all Weldon Billet and Cast-Bodied pumps; and the 10-micron (paper cellulose) filter placed after all fuel pumps and before the carburetor or fuel injectors. Features: Three port configurations -12,... read more

New Composite Dash for ’70 -’81 Firebird, New Management and Headquarters, and New Website

Written By Moore Good Ink Carson City, Nevada – Classic Dash has recently announced a new, molded ABS composite dash panel to suit the 1970 to 1981 Pontiac Firebirds.  In common with all the company’s previous composite dash panels, this new Pontiac Firebird dash has a modern, clean look and is impregnated with a UV inhibiter that protects it from sun-damage. It is available in carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, or classic black finishes.  All Classic Dash panels are offered in three forms: with or without gauges, with or without gauge openings, or complete with gauges installed. Twenty-two different styles of gauges are offered, including 10 variations from Autometer®, 8 from Classic Instruments®, and 4 from Dolphin Instruments®.  Prices for complete Classic Dash instrument panels for the ’70 -‘81 Pontiac Firebird start at $699.95   The Pontiac division of General Motors debuted its second generation Firebird in 1970.  Its new F-body design, a “swoopy” body style with an undeviating line running from the top of the rear window to the lip of the trunk lid, remained the same for eleven years, becoming the longest period-style of the Firebird’s history.   Ordering these new dash panels is simple.  Classic Dash has recently given its website a new make-over with easy navigation and website access to ordering.  The new management is led by Greg Wambold and the new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Carson City, Nevada. Staff members are friendly and knowledgeable and can easily answer any technical questions you may have.   For further information contact: Classic Dash, 5225 Grumman Drive, Suite 100, Carson City, NV 89706 Telephone (866) 882-3525... read more

Ram’s new twin-plate clutch:

How the 2010 Camaro and other LS-powered vehicles can transmit tons of grunt without chatter Written by Moore Good Ink Columbia, SC: RAM Clutches has announced a new 10.5-inch twin-plate high-performance clutch and flywheel assembly for the 2010 Camaro and other LS–powered vehicles. It’s called the Direct Fit Street Dual. With capacity to control up to 1,000 rear-wheel horsepower, this new clutch system comprises an aluminum flywheel with a replaceable shrink-fitted starter gear ring, a diaphragm cover assembly with 2,400 lb clamping pressure, and two clutch plates lined with either organic or ceramic friction materials. The organic material is of Ram’s 300 series—a proprietary mix that delivers superior clamping power, excellent drivability, and the absence of chatter on engagement. The ceramic alternative has a higher co-efficient of friction—it requires greater loadings to cause slippage; therefore, it maintains holding power while operating at higher temperatures. Ceramic friction material is often selected when strip use exceeds street use. To contend with the greater rotational forces, both friction materials are sandwiched between metal backing collars and riveted metal-to-metal, unlike the original equipment. To combat harsh street-strip use, eight clutch springs are employed. These springs are not only stiffer but also encapsulated in urethane to further increase their compression rate. The part number for Ram’s organic-style LS clutch assembly is 90-2100 while 90-2100N identifies the ceramic alternative. For strength, Ram employs a nodular iron pressure ring in their cover assembly while carefully maintaining the overall height of this twin-disc flywheel assembly for easy installation. The lightweight aluminum flywheel is SFI certified, and is produced entirely at the company’s Columbia, SC factory. To dissipate... read more

Roush Yates Engines Celebrates Their First Dirt Late Model Win

Written By Moore Good Ink Lake City, FL – Last Saturday night at North Florida Speedway, a medium-banked 3/8th mile clay oval at Lake City, Roush Yates Engines had their first Dirt Late Model win.  Tampa-based driver Bobby Clark drove the car to victory in both his heat race and the A-Main event.  Clark and Circle Track’s editor Rob Fisher had spent the last year rebuilding the Rayburn Dirt Late Model, replacing a 362 c.i.d. Chevy motor with a Roush Yates 358 Ford. “With redesigned chassis geometry,” Clark commented “the car handled and performed well. But the biggest improvement occurred when the team replaced the tired 362 c.i.d. Chevy motor with a fire-breathing 358 c.i.d. Ford from Roush Yates Engines, the Mooresville, North Carolina engine builder.”   In just the team’s second outing with the new power-plant, Clark had what he termed a flawless night. “Everything was clicking from the time we left the shop. I knew it was going to be a good night.”   Jeremy Anderson, the Roush Yates engine guru in charge of the company’s new Late Model program said, “The only difference between this 358 engine for Late Model racing and a Cup-spec engine is the oil pan and oil pump drive. These simple changes are made to suit the chassis. We provide these engines complete or in component form or oil pan conversion kits to facilitate existing engines for Late Model racing.”   Roush Yates Engines, who has been at the forefront of the charge in Ford racing and winners of this year’s Daytona 500, is keen to demonstrate their value to not only the... read more

Weldon Racing Pumps introduces the 9200-A series external oil transfer pump.

 Written by Moore Good Ink Cleveland, OH: Oil is the life blood of the drive train. Without a constant, adequate supply, parts are destined for failure, sometimes at the most inopportune moment.     To accommodate, Weldon’s 9200-A oil transfer pump circulates hot oil in transmissions and differentials and has been designed to meet the demanding rigors of racing and OEM applications. They have been manufactured using the same stringent quality requirements and exacting specifications as Weldon’s electric racing fuel pumps.   Flow rate for the 9200-A is 30 gallons per hour of 300-degree F 80-90W differential gear oil or ATF. Further, the current draw is only 5.5 amps. At 3 pounds and measuring 2.50×5.40-inches, weight and dimensions are compact.   Why contemplate the 9200-A pump?  Although very few are willing to divulge the information, the 9200-A is presently being used on a number of front runners’ superspeedway cars in Cup and Nationwide series. In fact, it is the only pump known to be used in circle track racing for transmission and differential cooling.   Further, it has been approved for use in export C5 and C6 Corvettes destined for warmer climates. Weldon is also working on a prototype high-temperature oil transfer pump for the new Cadillac CTS-V.  This pump can be found in the GM Motorsports catalog under PN 12480080.    Features    Internal Relief Valve prevents system damage. The valve is designed to lift sufficiently to relieve fluid pressure build-up over setting. These valves help protect vessel and piping system damage from over pressurization. To ensure that oil pressure does not exceed the rated maximum, a spring-loaded pressure... read more

Win a Roush Yates 360 Sprint Car Engine

Written By Moore Good Ink Mooresville, NC—Roush Yates Engines, engine builders extraordinaire and winners of this year’s Daytona 500, has just announced an amazing 360 Sprint Car contest: Winners powered by a Roush Yates engine at this year’s 42nd Western World Sprint Car National Championships at Tucson, AR, Nov. 19-21, will also WIN A NEW ROUSH YATES ENGINE. This contest extends to the winners of both winged and non-winged categories.   “We’re real excited about Roush Yates’ involvement with the ASCS Sprint Car Dirt Series at Tucson’s USA Raceway in our season-ending event, the 42nd Annual Western World Sprint Car Championship. Roush Yates’ promotion with the winged and non-winged teams at the Western World speaks loudly about the commitment they have placed in the future of the ASCS Sprint Car Dirt Series,” said ASCS founder, Emmett Hahn.   Roush Yates Engines recently entered the 360 Sprint Car scene with Chuck “the Cobra” Hebing. Hebing achieved an early victory at Autodrome Drummond, Quebec. “This new engine has a long power curve, sustaining peak horsepower from 6,500 to 8,500 rpm—exceptional power all the way through,” Hebing commented.   When news of this contest emerged yesterday, Kevin Montgomery, promoter at USA Raceway, was delighted: “The Western World Championships is shaping up to be one of the premier events of 2009. We are excited to have Roush Yates, an auto racing icon, as part of this Championship Race. Their involvement speaks volumes about the prestige of the 42nd Annual Western World Championships.”   Roush Yates supplies their new 360 Sprint Car engines as custom-built and as complete as the customer wishes—including turn-key ready-to-race... read more

Amazing entry to TORC Series by ROUSH YATES ENGINES:

Written by Moore Good Ink Five victories from six starts Mooresville, NC. In order to win the race, you must have the equipment to finish the race. As the engine is the core of all such endeavors, it must perform reliably and repeatedly. No one is more acutely aware of this fact than Roush Yates Engines, an amalgam of NASCAR wizards Jack Roush and Robert Yates, known for their construction of 358 cubic inch engines (operating at 9,600rpm) as mandated by NASCAR, ARCA, and Craftsman Truck Series, among others. As of mid-summer 2008, Roush Yates 436 cubic inch engines have been particularly devastating in the WSORR (World Series of Off-Road Racing) and TORC (The Off-Road Championship Series) domains. What makes ‘em tick? According to Roush Yates’ Off-Road Engine manager 46-year-old Mike Kasch, “The peak is 900 horsepower and remains fairly constant between 7,400 and 8,200 rpm. Torque climbs to 675 pounds-feet at 6,000 rpm. “We build the engine packages with aluminum cylinder blocks and heads and manage them with 6-stage dry-sump oiling systems. These trucks run much like a road course but with jumps, so they are on and off the throttle as traction allows. Right now, we use the same package for both 2WD and 4WD, other than we advance the cam a slight amount in the 4WD because of the extra pull they get in the lower rpm ranges and especially off the corners,” Kasch said. What makes these engines so overwhelming is a direct result of two key areas–induction system sophistication and reliability. Indeed, the foundation of the induction system is Yates and his legendary cylinder... read more

High performance clutch system for LS engines

Written by Moore Good Ink  Columbia, SC: Ram announces a new high performance clutch set for all LS1 and LS6 engines ’97-’04. Assigned with part number 98931HD this new clutch set is now available from their Powergip HD clutch series, a genre of clutch sets designed for properly geared applications with up to 650 rear-wheel horsepower. When combined with a RAM flywheel (PN 1550 steel or 2550 aluminum), this new clutch can also be installed on ’05-’09 LS2 and LS7 engines.   The LS Kit: This new 11-inch clutch set includes a cover assembly and a clutch plate. It provides clamping pressures of 2,900 lb compared to 1,700 to 2,100 lb of the original, depending upon the model.   The Clutch Plate: To provide solid street/strip performance yet agreeable drivability, Ram combined their 900 series organic friction material, similar to that used on high horsepower drag racing applications, with poly-coil springs in an eight-spring 26-spline clutch hub.  To obtain a smooth engagement, the clutch disc incorporates the superior marcel carrier as opposed to the ageing paddle-style clutch disc.   The Marcel Feature: To cushion engagement, sixteen metallic pads (eight per side) are riveted to the marcel carrier.  The marcel carrier has a slight spring wave measuring approximately .020 inches. As the clutch is engaged on take-off, the marcel compresses and reduces the potential for chatter and the effects of aggressive engagement, unlike similar clutch material used on a flat carrier without the marcel wave.   The Clutch Hub: Stock hubs usually feature five or six compression springs in contrast to RAM’s eight, which are urethane encapsulated. Compared to the... read more