New engine block for Small-Block Chevy: World Products’ launches Motown II, a new cast iron engine block that is also available with bolt pattern for LS cylinder heads and the taller LS deck height.

Written by Moore Good Ink Ronkonkoma, NY: By 2008 the tooling for World Products’ cast iron engine block for the Small-block Chevrolet needed replacing. It had served them well since the 1990s, but the cost of re-tooling was substantial: $570,000.   Since they were obliged to invest so heavily... read more

Ram’s new twin-plate clutch:

How the 2010 Camaro and other LS-powered vehicles can transmit tons of grunt without chatter Written by Moore Good Ink Columbia, SC: RAM Clutches has announced a new 10.5-inch twin-plate high-performance clutch and flywheel assembly for the 2010 Camaro and other LS–powered vehicles. It’s called the Direct Fit Street... read more

Win a Roush Yates 360 Sprint Car Engine

Written By Moore Good Ink Mooresville, NC—Roush Yates Engines, engine builders extraordinaire and winners of this year’s Daytona 500, has just announced an amazing 360 Sprint Car contest: Winners powered by a Roush Yates engine at this year’s 42nd Western World Sprint Car National Championships at Tucson, AR, Nov.... read more

High performance clutch system for LS engines

Written by Moore Good Ink  Columbia, SC: Ram announces a new high performance clutch set for all LS1 and LS6 engines ’97-’04. Assigned with part number 98931HD this new clutch set is now available from their Powergip HD clutch series, a genre of clutch sets designed for properly geared... read more