Three EVO Induction Upgrades from Wilson Manifolds

Written by Moore Good Ink Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Wilson Manifolds has recently announced three stages of ported cast aluminum intake upgrades and a new, trick, high-flow D-Shaped fuel rail for the Mitsubishi EVO. Using a factory cast intake manifold, Wilson provides a mild street stage and two full-race stages—one... read more

Roush Yates’ used 358cid Nationwide race engines with 400-800 miles of use: Great value for drag racers, vintage road racers, short track oval racers, and boat racers

Written By Moore Good Ink Mooresville, NC— Roush Yates Engines is now offering a limited number of used, complete, long-block ex-Nationwide race engines (without carburetor, intake manifold, and headers). With usage between 400 and 800 racing miles and prices starting at $16,000, these race engines should, where regulations permit,... read more

Roush Yates’ New 360 Sprint Car Engine

Written by Moore Good Ink Roush Yates Engines recently unveiled a new lightweight 360 Sprint Car engine. Complying with ASCS engine rules the new engine is approximately 25-35lb lighter than its Chevy counterpart and is based on a Ford Motorsports cast iron block with a deck height of 9... read more