Useful calibration kit for Street Demon carburetors

Written by Moore Good Ink • Enables exact tuning for high-performance engines • Resolves tuning troubles caused by high compression, cams, altitude, etc. • Enables metering rod changes for fine incremental tuning • Accommodates jet changes for larger incremental tuning • Allows changes of metering rod springs for perfect... read more

Kaase’s Top Five: Jon Kaase talks engines

By Archie Bosman. Photos by Moore Good Ink: Jon Kaase’s standing was propelled to the forefront of his craft by winning the annual Engine Masters Challenge four times: 2003, ’04, ’08, and 09. But his reputation as an innovative engine builder had already been established over previous decades. Starting... read more

New Speed Demon 8-hole annular-discharge booster carburetors

Written by Moore Good Ink Seasoned tuners speaking of annular-boosted carburetors will tell you of their fine atomization qualities and their impressive capacity for generating torque, especially at low engine speeds. At high engine speeds on smaller CFM carburetors they might express a hint of caution concerning slight richness. But... read more

Kaase’s new P-38 small-block Ford gets stack induction

Written by Moore Good Ink Winder, GA: Jon Kaase is releasing a new stack induction system to empower his P-38 canted-valve small-block Ford engine. The operational benefits of this new sequential stack-induction system include smooth, fast and dependable engine response during rapid throttling, easy and reliable hot or cold... read more

Wilson Manifolds Now Hiring CNC Manager, Programmer, Operator, Machinist

Job Description: Wilson Manifolds, the prominent CNC-manufacturing company in Fort Lauderdale, FL that specializes in the design, development, manufacture, assembly and testing of aftermarket automotive parts, seeks highly skilled and experienced CNC programmer for 3, 4 and 5 axis machining centers. Experience Requirements: Complex 3D part modeling design experience utilizing... read more

New all-metal hydraulic bearing kits from Ram Clutches

Written by Moore Good Ink Columbia, SC: When installing an aftermarket clutch on any of the vehicle models listed below, there’s a strong likelihood you’ll require a hydraulic bearing kit with more flexibility than that of the stock system. 1998-02 Camaro-Firebird 1997-12 Corvette 2010-12 Camaro 2003-06 GTO 2003-up CTS-V... read more

Canted valve Windsor Head: Ahead of of its time?

Jon Kaase’s P38 Canted-valve Windsor Cylinder Heads Aim For Better Cylinder Filling Text by Ro McGonegal Photography by Moore Good Ink Jon Kaase keeps his eyes peeled. Over the years, the engine builder has seen an endless string of improvements and aftermarket components visited upon the Windsor 302 but... read more

Handsome valve covers for Kaase P-38 cylinder heads

Written by Moore Good Ink Winder, GA: The allure of Jon Kaase’s canted-valve P-38 cylinder heads increases with the addition of the smooth, rich shapes of his cast aluminum valve covers.  For 302 and 351cu in small-block Ford Windsor engines they are available in black, red, or natural alloy finish... read more

Blockliner update for align-boring cam tunnels

Written by Moore Good Ink Falun, Sweden: Initially designed for the fast and affordable installation of steel main caps, designer, Hank Nordstrom, attributes the success of Turnited’s Blockliner to its robustness and to its fine adjustment capabilities. Instead of selecting a smaller diameter bar in the hope of align-boring... read more