Canted valve Windsor Head: Ahead of of its time?

Jon Kaase’s P38 Canted-valve Windsor Cylinder Heads Aim For Better Cylinder Filling Text by Ro McGonegal Photography by Moore Good Ink Jon Kaase keeps his eyes peeled. Over the years, the engine builder has seen an endless string of improvements and aftermarket components visited upon the Windsor 302 but... read more

Handsome valve covers for Kaase P-38 cylinder heads

Written by Moore Good Ink Winder, GA: The allure of Jon Kaase’s canted-valve P-38 cylinder heads increases with the addition of the smooth, rich shapes of his cast aluminum valve covers.  For 302 and 351cu in small-block Ford Windsor engines they are available in black, red, or natural alloy finish... read more

Blockliner update for align-boring cam tunnels

Written by Moore Good Ink Falun, Sweden: Initially designed for the fast and affordable installation of steel main caps, designer, Hank Nordstrom, attributes the success of Turnited’s Blockliner to its robustness and to its fine adjustment capabilities. Instead of selecting a smaller diameter bar in the hope of align-boring... read more

Instant effect by shedding 15lb from rotating assembly

By Sam Logan How to get instant effect by shedding 15lb surplus for your rotating assembly  Download hi-res images and text here The chief advantage of an aluminum high performance flywheel is weight saving. In weight saving, aluminum is the most potent medium we have available in flywheel manufacture.... read more

Street Demons™ Now Shipping!

Written by Moore Good Ink ANNOUNCING: The All NEW Street Demon™ redefines the street carburetor with clean looks and ease of use! The Street Demon offers enthusiasts a straight-forward carburetor designed to deliver a stable idle, amazingly crisp throttle response and smooth performance. Its optimized calibration and dual mounting pattern... read more

Street Demon: An interview with its designer

by Sam Logan   In mid-January 2012, the new 625 Street Demon carburetor was debuted in Los Angeles, California during the MPMC media-manufacturers conference. Designed to suit a large variety of stock to mildly tuned engines of up to 450 horsepower, the Street Demon cuts an elegant figure and... read more

New Hire at Wilson Manifolds

Written by Moore Good Ink Fort Lauderdale FL: John Rollins (35), a fuel injection and nitrous specialist with almost twenty years experience in the performance industry, joined Wilson Manifolds and Nitrous Pro Flow in April. Having exposure in both sales and in building race and street-strip vehicles, John has... read more