Dale Eicke’s replacement at Dream Chaser Racing

By Ben Mozart Amarillo, TX: In the wake of Dale Eicke’s untimely death in August, 2013, Brad Klein, his employer and proprietor of Dream Chaser Racing Engines, is seeking a replacement. “We’d like to find someone who can bring the unique knowledge that Dale contributed,” said Klein, “and though... read more

How F1 cars achieved constant ride height

By Bertie Scott Brown:  Dave Hamer, who helped develop the highly successful hydraulic system now in widespread use on Formula One cars, was one of dozens of racing personalities attracted to this year’s Goodwood Revival. In 2009 Hamer, a senior R&D engineer at the Renault F1 team, formerly Benetton... read more

Over $80,000 bounty to 2013 Engine Masters Challenge winner

By Archie Bosman Contingency sponsors have guaranteed a handsome reward that could exceed $80,000 for the 11th Annual 2013 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge.  The competition, which celebrates the gathering of the country’s finest engine builders—around 33 contenders— will be contested at the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) in Lima,... read more

New lightweight, aluminum oil pumps for 429-460 big-block Fords

By Archie Bosman   Intelligent compromise has been central to Kaase’s success in aftermarket engine sales. For example, raising induction ports in his street-style cylinder head designs would unmistakably increase power output: “But we’d sell half as many engines and components because they are no longer universally affordable—they’d require... read more

Arch rule of carburetor tuning: Ignition first

By Sam Logan. Photographs by Moore Good Ink:  Download text and hi-res images here. The cardinal rule of carburetor tuning is Ignition First. Once the static ignition setting and the ignition advancing mechanism in the distributor is correct, the air-fuel mixture can be tuned for full power and fuel... read more

Inadequate ignition timing:

The carb tuner’s most intractable problem By Sam Logan Photographs by Moore Good Ink   Ask Demon Carburetion of the greatest obstacle in tuning hot rod carburetors and they’ll tell you ignition timing. Highly tuned engines, those with high-performance camshafts, cylinder heads, and intake manifolds often exhibit a lazy... read more

Snake and Mongoose movie

A true story that inspired a movie By Archie Bosman Pictures by NHRA The Los Angeles premiere of the Snake & Mongoose movie brought a fine sense of occasion to the racing world on Monday evening, August 26. The new movie tells the tale of two of drag racing’s... read more

The racer and his infatuation with noise:

Blaring exhausts make hooligans of all. By Freddie Heaney Images by Moore Good Ink In all likelihood every U.S. road race track has received reams of complaints about excessive noise. Two years ago in England, Mallory Park’s very existence was threatened by the blight. It is the most malignant... read more

Derek Scott forms Mid-South Performance

By Fergus Ogilvy Atoka, TN: Derek Scott has formed a racing parts supply house in Atoka, 30 miles northeast of Memphis, Tennessee. Serving engine builders chiefly, Scott is highly regarded having served the past dozen years or more at Comp Cams. He developed an early passion for the advancement... read more