41st Classic Motorsports Mitty presented by Hagerty:

An annual festival celebrating historic and vintage racing. By Vic Moore:   It was Lord Melbourne’s unfaithful wife who said of Byron—he’s mad, bad, and dangerous to know. This was how I felt about Road Atlanta nearly two decades ago when I first took to the track in a... read more

New 3.5in aluminum driveshafts and 850hp axles for 2018 Mustang S550.

Wichita, Kansas: GForce Performance Engineering has introduced new one-piece aluminum driveshafts and 850hp axles for the 10-speed automatic transmission Mustang S550. Precision engineered and for use in high-horsepower vehicles, these driveshafts feature solid-core U-joints. They are also high-speed balanced and supplied as a direct bolt-in factory replacement with perfect... read more

Kaase goes off-shore with Miss Geico.

By Ben Mozart: Have you ever read online discussions on off-shore power boat racing?  For the young and the young at heart, it seems to offer an irresistible future, an intoxicating new world they wish to be part of. For Kaase, the prospects of entering this new world came... read more

Obituary: Steve McAllister (1956 – 2018)

By Victor Moore:  The inventor of modern drive plates for boats and dynamometers Steve McAllister died from liver failure at his home in Monroe, Georgia on Saturday, 7 April, 2018. At age 62 he had been in declining health since initially diagnosed with kidney troubles, then more accurately with... read more

We should have done better in promoting it:

Relying on your own initiatives for growth. By Victor Moore:   Writing lives or dies on read times. If you prepare a seven-minute article for your website or general consumption and the average read time reports 2mins 22secs, you lost your reader. You may think you prepared work of... read more

Custom-made billet camshafts:

A few questions, some interesting answers – By Bertie S. Brown: Most camshafts look indistinguishable from one another—even custom camshafts. “Not mine,” declares blown alcohol pulling tractor champion Mike Wilhite. “Mine are 2.5 inches in diameter.” Wilhite, who runs an engine shop in Bardstown, KY, thirty miles south of... read more

Small block Hemi enters Grudge racing:

Speed, adrenaline, and pure theatrics – By Fergus Ogilvy: Grudge racing has dominated the drag racing scene in the southern US States for decades. But in recent years, the Internet has conquered every part of its frenetic life, particularly Facebook postings that have expanded its Southern origins (Georgia, Florida,... read more