Limited-edition Ariel Atom track day car: TMI puts you at the front

By Bertie Scott Brown Alton, VA: Last year TMI Autotech released a new limited-edition Ariel Atom track day car. In a technical partnership with Honda Racing, a mere 10 uniquely numbered cars, known as the Ariel Atom Honda Racing Edition, were produced at TMI’s Virginia factory. Capitalizing on the opportunity... read more

John Force: His formative years

By: Titus Bloom   A 16-time NHRA Funny Car title holder, Force is the most successful auto racer, in any category, of our time. Yet Tom “Mongoose” McEwen insists he possesses other qualities that may transcend his prowess at the drag strip: he rarely forgets old friends and does... read more

Best of SEMA 2013

By Martha Maglone Photography by Moore Good Ink Las Vegas, Nevada: Industry analysts estimated SEMA attendees would exceed 165,000 this year.  As it turned out, their reckonings were probably close to the mark: some coach journeys from hotels just three miles distance from the Convention Center took between an... read more

Full Metal Arts & Entertainment seeks film projects; completes acclaimed Whelen Marsh Racing video; appears at PRI show in Indy

By Martha Maglone Gainesville, GA: If television is the most potent advertising medium ever devised, video we assume is similarly blessed. How-to videos stand alone in explaining the complicated processes of our racing products and they promote companies and their achievements with equal brilliance. Spearheaded by Tom Arbeiter, Full... read more

Dart’s new LS Next block in production:

Written by Moore Good Ink Earlier interview with Richard Maskin • 9.240in deck height • Cylinders extended by .375in (effective deck height 9.615in) • Stock & aftermarket LS components utilized • Available in standard 4.000in & 4.125in bore sizes (4.200in maximum) • Manufactured on homeland soil using premium cast... read more

Emperor of Engine Masters Challenge: Kaase claims purse

By Ben Mozart, Photography by Moore Good Ink: It takes uncommon pluck to enter an engine performance contest—what happens if you finish 39th? Developing racing engines is a serious business. Your reputation, your record of success and your credentials are constantly on the line. Despite the obvious reservations, however, entering... read more