Beware of copies— Off-shore and domestic

 Written by Ben Mozart Cylinder head suppliers, many of them copiers, are fighting over you. Copies are almost always cheaper. But the originals are constantly evolving—always on the cutting edge while the copies have to wait. Here is what some of our industry leaders have to say. “Back in... read more

Restoring vintage engine blocks in five steps

By Freddie Heaney: Rare casting repairs: Five-step process in restoring vintage blocks to race-ready condition Each winter frozen coolant causes severe damage to hundreds of racing engine blocks in the northern hemisphere. Though troubling, its effects are usually even more concerning when frost damage strikes a rare, historic racing... read more

John Force: His formative years – Part 2

by Titus Bloom If you missed the first part of this story, click here. “I turned professional racing driver in 1975 and was terrible for the next ten years!” “I was never a very good mechanic; I had people to help me. I could take a blower apart and... read more

The Five Best Read Stories of 2013

by Moore Good Ink   1. Emperor of Engine Masters Challenge: Kaase claims purse It takes uncommon pluck to enter an engine performance contest—what happens if you finish 39th? Developing racing engines is a serious business. Your reputation, your record of success and your credentials are constantly on the... read more

How to make a Street Stock racing clutch survive

By Freddie Heaney, Photos by Moore Good Ink: Racers frequently face the inconvenient fact that some clutch-flywheel assemblies are so light they fail prematurely, often during the taxing process of getting the car into the trailer. Curiously, most professional clutch makers agree that you quickly reach a point where... read more