Know your tech: serpentine pulley systems

Compliments of Maximum Drive magazine, November 2014 Though the beguiling appearance of a pulley system brings a fresh new appearance to the engine bay, a system’s real potency lies in its operating excellence and ease of fitment. If you ask hot rodders of their greatest disappointment with aftermarket serpentine... read more

New hydraulic bearing kit for GM-Tremec TKO

As you probably know there are at least two distinct styles of hydraulic clutch release bearings. The aftermarket style is distinguished from the OEM style by its lack of constant contact—it functions only when the clutch pedal is depressed. But of greater significance, perhaps, has been Ram’s emphasis on... read more

LS conversion kits hit new peaks

By Alfie Bilk, October 27, 2014 Sugar Hill, GA: Southern Performance Systems (SPS) radiates a singular identification: LS conversions. The conversions are usually applied to older hot rods and at their heart lies the eminent LS3 engine transmitting through a Tremec T56 Magnum 6-speed manual transmission via a Force... read more

BrakeShot further improves on standard formula

Written by Ben Mozart, October 14, 2014 Phoenix Systems, the brake specialists tells us studies show that one of every two road-going vehicles suffers from depleted brake fluid. Like many households we own two cars; one has traveled 80,000 miles, the other 180,000 miles. Brakes on both seem fine... read more

Stef’s two-piece dry-sump oil tank

Includes integral flush-mounted ventilation system By Ben Mozart, October 27, 2014 Years ago when drag racing oil pan designs were in their infancy, engines would blow-up from damage introduced during the burn-out stage. Under full acceleration on the track they operated as intended. But when the high-revving engine moved... read more

Barber’s 10th Vintage Festival: the pearl of anniversaries all

By Fergus Ogilvy, October 13, 2014 The interesting thing about racing car people is that thousands of us hold an enduring affection for motorcycles and many, particularly our more mature gents, cherish the machines of yesteryear. And why not, for vintage racing extravaganzas are a marvelous concept—a prospect where... read more