Dramatic first ChumpCar endurance event of 2015

By Freddie Heaney – Road Atlanta, GA: ChumpCar staged its first nationwide event of the 2015 race season with a well-supported 14-hour endurance race. “Life has an expiry date,” as they say, “let’s do something!” Of the ninety-two entrants, some originating from as far away as Canada, the ChumpCar... read more

Dazzling art of heel-and-toe

On modern racing cars, throttle blipping on down-shifts is activated by the paddle-shifting mechanism on the steering wheel. But during the last century it was the work of the driver’s right foot…

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Why people struggle with serpentine pulley systems

By Archie Bosman: When you decide to invest in a serpentine pulley system, many of which cost around $2,000 and beyond, naturally, you want your endeavor to be a potential award-winner. But the new system should not only look good but also fit well.  It is also crucial that... read more

KRC launches new power steering fluid: their best ever!

By Bertie Scott Brown – Kennesaw, GA: KRC has introduced a unique, new power steering fluid. It breaks new ground in its reduction of fluid cavitation, noise and heat. Surviving heat hazards is a crucial breakthrough in fluid longevity. Under-hood temperatures in some racing vehicles can exceed 300 degrees... read more

Short track ovals: Wilwood announces new GM D154 Metric Caliper

Alfie Bilk, March 1, 2015 These ultra-strong forged calipers are fully detail machined and stress-analysis tested. They provide the lightest overall weight with the highest resistance to deflection – even when compared to much heavier and bulky cast aluminum parts, bar none. The calipers feature an anodized finish, with... read more

Mahle Motorsports Introduces Sportsman Drag Series PowerPak pistons for Chevrolet big-blocks

Fletcher, NC: Mahle Motorsports, a division of Mahle the world’s largest piston manufacturer, has introduced a new Elite Sportsman drag racing piston series for popular aftermarket competition big-block Chevrolet cylinder heads. Using lightweight, strong, true slipper-skirt forgings, Mahle’s emphasis is on power production and durability. By necessity they pay... read more

Overnight success for electrical wizard

By Titus Bloom, January 27, 2015 Overnight success for electrical wizard – after 40 years of toil At last year’s SEMA exhibition, in early November, the Chester, Pennsylvania electrical firm Ron Francis Wiring suddenly became the authority when it won the New Street Rod Product of the Year award... read more

The curse of the round wire lock

By Bertie Scott Brown, January 28, 2015   When a round wire lock, the spring-loaded device that retains the piston pin within the pin towers, comes out while the engine is racing, it releases a fanatical frenzy, a chain of events that most engine builders describe as catastrophic. It... read more